The Battle of the Scents: The Benefits of Essential Oils


Many want to have a long, luxurious bath after a tiring day. It feels so good to be enveloped in the smell of our favorite essential oils. If you had a terrible day, you could even indulge yourself in putting a few drops of exotic fragrances. 

The best thing is that they are not just for aromatherapy.  You can also use them as an alternative to perfumes.

If you are not convinced, read on. Here are a few benefits of using essential oils. 

They Are More Long-Lasting Than Perfumes

Unisex perfumes do not last as long as essential oils. They do not even smell as strong as essential oils do.

Compared to these multi-purpose oils, perfumes are a waste of money. You do not have to dab on many scented oils as you would with perfumes. Just one drop is enough to fill a room with its scent. 

You can always use your essential oils in place for your favorite perfume. They can go with any outfit and any occasion. You can carry a small bottle of your favorite scent in your purse, dab it on a cotton ball, and put it in your pocket. You can use it all day if you want, even when you go out in the sun, you will still smell nice.

With essential oils, you get the convenience of a product with many uses, smells good, and lasts long. 

They Are Alcohol-Free

Unlike perfumes, essential oils do not contain alcohol, so you do not worry about drying your skin. Alcohol also irritates any rashes or cuts on your skin. Alcohol evaporates quickly, so the scent will disappear fast. This will require you to reapply frequently.

Perfumes may also leave your skin feeling sticky. Essential oils do not have any of these disadvantages. Use essential oil if you want something that will nourish your skin and not leave any residue. 

You do not have to be a hippie to use essential oils. You can take advantage of its many benefits. It is just a matter of knowing how to use these products.

They Are Less Expensive 

Bottles of essential oils are smaller than bottles of perfumes. You can get to buy a lot of essential oils if you use them sparingly. With essential oils, you get more bang for your buck, so to speak.

If you are  into  exotic fragrances, scented oils are a better option than wearing a perfume. Essential oils may not be as strong as perfumes, but they can last longer and even smells good. 


Essential oils are more than just a fad. They can be of great use to you if you know how to use them. Compared to perfumes, essential oils are a better buy. They are cheaper, smell better, have more uses, last longer, and do not stain your clothes. You can safely wear them even on formal occasions. 

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