Fragrance Tips for Men: How to Choose a Signature Scent

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Having your own signature scent has its own merits. Over time, people you know will start to associate you with a particular fragrance and come to recognize it as your own unique musk. That sounds like every modern man’s dream, but it can take some time for you to find that scent that suits you the best. You need to dedicate a lot of time and effort to finding the right scent, so it needs to be well thought out. This guide should help you find the right cologne and how to wear it properly. 

Why Is It Important to Wear Fragrances?

What man wouldn’t want to look, feel, and even smell good when they’re out socializing or even going to work. Wearing a fragrance helps you increase not only your attractiveness but even how confident your are in the presence of other people. 

There’s a reason why fragrances are constantly marketed to be a tool to boost your confidence and make yourself look more desirable to other people regardless of their gender. This is because smell plays a unique role in choosing a mate. For women, in particular, a man’s scent seems to be one of the most potent factors influencing their decision to find a suitable mate. Men are primarily visual creatures, while women rely more on a man’s scent to determine if he is worth her time.

Selecting the Right Perfume or Fragrance

By using a nice-smelling fragrance that suits your looks and personality, you can easily add to your overall impression tenfold. That image of a sharp, put-together man comes to mind when you smell that manly musk that’s powerful enough to seduce other people. In order to achieve that, however, you need to find which fragrance works best with your natural body scent.

While other people’s opinions may influence your decision to choose a scent, you are still the best person to determine which fragrance is the most suitable for you. Letting others decide for you isn’t always ideal as people’s taste in perfumes also differs greatly. Instead, use their opinions to reinforce or question your decision. When shopping for fragrances, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to your nearest department store and look for the largest selection of signature scents. This will serve as your testing ground.
  2. Spray one scent on each wrist and each inner elbow if going for four. This gives you the chance to test how the cologne mixes with your own natural scent.
  3. You might be tempted to pick up and smell those scent cards they offer in department stores, but you’re better of avoiding them. This is because those cards allow you to smell only the top notes and not how it actually smells on you.
  4. Between smelling each fragrance, refresh your palate with something strong, like coffee or tea. Yes, bringing a strong beverage with you helps a lot when shopping for cologne.
  5. When spraying the perfume, try to smell all the notes. It’s even recommended to let the fragrance sit for a few hours and smell how much it changed since you first sprayed it.
  6. Don’t make a decision yet. It’s best to walk around the department store and smell the fragrances at various intervals. You can even take notes on your phone as to which ones you like the most.


After going through all the processes of spraying and smelling several different fragrances, you can either decide to purchase the one that works best for you or look for another fragrance store for another day. Finding your signature scent can take some time, but it’s all worth it once you find the fragrance that exudes your personality and confidence the most.

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