Our Guide to Buying the Perfect Perfume: Men's Edition

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If you think buying clothes and matching accessories can be tricky, wait until you have to find the perfume that best suits your natural scent. While choosing a perfume can be daunting with so many things to consider, it's not impossible to find the perfect scent for you.

For starters, it's always a better idea to choose a scent that best fits you rather than have someone choose a blend for you. This is because you'll know what works for your body. Of course, you should only buy high-quality and luxurious brands, such as Hugo Boss, to ensure that you're getting the best quality and scents best suited for you.

If you're trying to look for your ultimate perfume scent, keep reading. This article is your guide to finding the best bottle of perfume for you. Let's take a look!

How Do I Know What Scent Works for Me?

A great way to know if a scent works for you is to have it on your body the whole day. Whether you have a sample-sized Hugo Boss perfume or if you're working through a department store, have a bit of the perfume on your body to see how it blends to your scent the whole day. Here's how to do it:

  • Spray the scent on each wrist, and if you'll be trying more, but the rest in your inner elbow;
  • Avoid taking a whiff of the scent on cards because this doesn't provide the overall smell of the perfume;
  • When you're smelling perfume, refresh your sense by smelling coffee;
  • Throughout the day, take note of how the scent rests on your skin;

Remember, when choosing a perfume, it's a long process, but it's definitely worthwhile!

What Perfume Size Bottle Should I Get?

The best size for your perfume is going to depend on your preferences. If you're someone who wants to carry it on you all the time, you should get a smaller size. If you're someone who doesn't like to keep it on you, or if you're going to share it with someone else, get a bigger size. 

Getting a bigger bottle can also save you a lot of money. It's also important to note that if you like changing your scents a lot, maybe getting a smaller bottle may be more efficient!

How Do I Apply My Fragrance Correctly?

  • Only spray your perfume on dry skin. Ideally, after you take a shower;
  • Spray your fragrance on heat areas of your body, such as your chest, neck, wrist, forearm, shoulder, and even your inner elbow;
  • Don't spray your fragrance too much, especially when using high-end perfume because these tend to stay longer anyway;
  • Don't rub the perfume on your skin because it breaks the molecules in the scent and actually kills some notes;
  • Avoid spraying your perfume on your clothes because it may damage the material;
  • Less is more, so don't go crazy spraying a bottle of perfume all over your body, but instead, let it blend beautifully with your scent!

The Bottom Line: Finding the Perfect Scent for Your Body Is Not as Complicated as it Seems

Many men make the mistake of rushing the process of choosing the best perfume for them. The whole process of choosing a scent should take you a long time, and if you have the patience, you can find the perfect scent that best works for you. So whether you want a Hugo Boss bottle or Tom Ford, follow these tips and look for one that works for you!

How Can We Help You?

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