Understanding How Fragrance Can Affect Your Mental Health

woman spraying perfume

Your sense of smell is one of the strongest senses you have, and it should not be taken for granted. What you smell can have a significant psychological effect since it is closely connected to your memory and mood. Particular scents can elicit a specific collective response from a group of individuals. 

Take the citrus or lemon scent, for example. Many people associate this with a sense of freshness, which may partly be because it is so often used in both personal and home hygiene products. Peppermint, on the other hand, has a reputation for making people feel relaxed, clean, and energized. This connection is most likely because peppermint is frequently used in mouthwash. 

Wondering what other mental responses that fragrances might be bringing out? Keep reading to find out about a few that may improve your overall mental well-being: 

1. Fruity 

Fruity scents are typically lighthearted and lively, and they may be highly energizing when experienced in nature. Citrus fruits, in particular—such as lemon, bergamot, orange, and lime—have been shown to have a mood-boosting impact on those who consume them. Citrus fragrances are great for the daytime or as a pick-me-up anytime you are feeling a little down. With only a few spritzes, you can instantly improve your attitude. Richer fruits, on the other hand, may have a comparable mood-lifting impact. You may feel fancy, assertive, and fresh when you smell sweeter fruits like apple, apricot, melon, and peach. 

2. Marine 

Marine scents are inspired by warm locations and salty oceans, and they help create serenity and a feeling of calm in busy minds. Marine fragrances provide the user with a dose of nostalgia by tapping into their subconscious olfactory memory and transporting them on a personal trip - most likely to a vacation destination. They are also known as aquatic scents since they are clean, fresh, and flexible in nature. They are excellent for calming the mind and instilling a feeling of freedom and serenity in the user. 

3. Floral

When it comes to conjuring up images of spring blossoms and newly cut bouquets, there is nothing more uplifting than fresh flowers (which is perhaps why they are so strongly associated with romance and giving!). Even though each flower has its unique narrative to tell, it is the white blossoms that tend to connect the most with us when it comes to peace and purity, as well as attaining a feeling of serenity in our lives; and this can be applicable when it comes to floral scents as well. Flowers with 'clean' smells, such as jasmine, magnolia, white iris, and neroli flower, have long been believed to promote mental cleaning and stress relief via the use of their fragrance. 

4. Woody

Aromas associated with woody scents are characterized by rich, earthy notes derived from the notes of woods, roots, and, in some instances, leaves. Consider sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, birch, and vetiver as possible scents. Woody scents have the potential to provide you with a cocooned sensation, allowing you to feel grounded, firmly anchored, and able to tap into your internal strength. 

Even though ingredients such as vanilla, ambergris, and musk are not technically woods, they are often included in woody scents to accentuate the rich smells associated with this kind of fragrance. A somewhat distinct outcome is achieved, with musk increasing the cocooning effect, ambergris bringing out the more mineral aspects of the woody notes, and vanilla giving a softness. 

Final Thoughts

Scents are recorded in your brain in the same way that you would record a diary entry. When you smell a perfume, it will trigger your memory, and the next time you smell that same fragrance, it may transport you back to that initial experience, whether it was good or bad in nature. A fragrance may likely bring up memories of a person, perhaps an intimate hug you had when the smell lingered on your nose.

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