4 Common Misconceptions Associated with Designing a Fragrance


Wearing perfume is an experience—for some, it is a way to express themselves. But to others, it’s a journey to exuding confidence. As a result, people find it amazing to see and understand the process of designing a fragrance.

From top brands like Jo Malone, Victoria’s Secret, and Tom Ford, it’s no surprise that every company has its signature scent and identity that its customers love. However, there are misconceptions about their fragrance design that users have at the back of their minds. What are these misconceptions, and how do they affect people’s perception of fragrances?

1. Designing a Fragrance is Easy

Just like the scent of a perfume, the experience in designing a fragrance is to produce a pleasant smelling scent that users will cherish. However, the process is not as easy as it sounds. The first step to making a perfume is to choose the notes to make it smell good. When it comes to selecting notes, three components compose it. These are the top note, middle note, and base note. 

Top notes refer to the user’s first smell once the perfume is sprayed on. It’s that light and refreshing aroma that makes you want to smell it more. The middle note is the second scent that users smell. It’s that spicy, flowery, and fruity smell that lingers. Finally, the base note is what makes the perfume last longer. 

2. High-Quality Fragrance Costs More 

When you hear the word “fragrance,” you automatically think of the price tag that goes with it. However, this is not the case. Some bloggers have intimated that the fragrance is the highest-priced item in the perfume industry.

But the truth is that this perception can just be a rumor. Indeed, high-quality perfumes usually cost more than lower-quality perfumes. But this does not mean that all fragrances are more expensive than other perfume brands. The components determine the perfume price and the delivery system used. 

3. Test Cards Make the Perfume Smell Better 

When people test a perfume, they usually do it on a test card because the fragrance has to be in a specific place. The aroma will be applied on a card to make the scent stronger. Test cards do not have any ingredients that make the smell more appealing. There is no fragrance formula used in it. And it does not interact with the skin of users. Instead, it serves as a tool for brands to determine how the perfume will react to customers’ skin.

4. Stronger Scents Smell Better 

When people talk about fragrance design, they usually mention the scent or the strength of the cologne. However, this perception is not entirely accurate. 

The main reason users like a particular perfume are because of the scent that it emits, as it is something that perfume designers consider.

The more perfume is applied, the better the scent is. However, the smell of a perfume is not directly related to the concentration of the smell. It can be intense, but its quality can be poor. 


With the perfume’s experience, users are drawn to buying what they think is the best. But there are certain misconceptions about the perfume industry and how users perceive it. The fact is that perfume is not just about the scent but getting a pleasant experience. As a result, people should be aware of these common misconceptions and understand how different factors affect the perfume industry.

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