Why Do Perfumes Sometimes Smell Different on Others?

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Have you ever tried on a new fragrance for yourself and found that it somehow didn’t suit you? You may have found the scent on your friend or co-worker and fell in love with it because of how great it smelled on them, but when you bought it and tried it for yourself, it was not the same. However strange this may sound, it does happen, and there are perfectly logical explanations as to why and how. 

It may seem disheartening if you have ever been in this particular situation. This blog post will shed light on why scents may sometimes seem different on you than on others and how to choose the best scent profile for you. 

Why Do Perfumes Sometimes Smell Different on Others?

Why do scents seemingly smell different on various occasions and people? If you have ever wondered this, read on! By the time you finish reading, you will have more knowledge about how to choose the right scent for you.

Is It My Sense of Smell?

Your sense of smell will not play a major part in if a fragrance suits you or not. It is worth noting that there are many factors that may affect a scent after you try it on. The bottom line is that if you think that a scent will not smell good on you, your olfactory senses are usually not lying. 

Factors That Affect the Scent

Here are the factors that come into play when you try on a new fragrance and how they affect how the scent is perceived after it touches your skin.

1 - Your Skin Type

Your skin type plays a major role in trying on new fragrances. If you have oily skin, it will cause the fragrance to have a more pronounced smell than if you have dry skin. You would do better to choose more robust scents if you have dry skin. Normal skin types will allow you to stay true to the scent that comes out of the bottle the most. 

2 - The Surrounding Area

Take note that your home, car, or office does not have the same conditions as the store where you bought it. This may also contribute to why the scent may seem different to when you first tried it at the store.

Choosing a Scent for Yourself

Here is what you need to know when you buy a scent for yourself!

1 - What Type of Skin Do You Have?

First, you need to consider what skin type you have. Choose lighter scents if you have oily skin and more profound fragrances if you have sky skin.

2 - Choose the Right Concentration

Choosing the right concentration may have an effect on the scent, too. Pure perfume has the highest concentration, followed by eau de parfum, then eau de toilette, and lastly, eau de cologne.

3 - Go with a Scent that You Love

Choose one that you love. However, never part with your money before actually trying it on first! There are usually tester bottles in the store to help you ensure that you walk away with the right scent. 


Finding a new scent may not be so difficult if you are aware of the different factors that contribute to how it will smell when you put the fragrance on. Keeping these tips in mind, along with buying your new fragrance from a shop that offers different scents, will help you walk out of the shop with the best fragrance to suit your skin and match your lifestyle. 

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