Spritzing Facts About Your Perfume

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Fashion is a form of expression for many people, that’s why most strive to dress for different occasions. Whether it brings out your chic side through stylish clothes or dressing up for the job you want, people use things to make a positive impression. With that in mind, the same concept applies to smelling pleasant as a way to boost confidence. 

Perfume can extend one’s personality in creative ways—be it to subtly enhance your appearance, uplift your spirits, trigger happy memories, or make a powerful introduction to any meeting, interview, or first date. While there are a lot of scents to explore, not a lot of people think about what goes on inside your go-to bottles. 

If you’re curious about your perfume, let’s explore some fun facts that can spritz some more excitement to the way you wear your fragrance.

Spraying Perfume Facts You Didn’t Know

  1. While it’s easy to think that the best scents are made up of floral notes, some of the most attractive fragrances in the world contain synthetic animal ingredients. The refreshing, salty smell of the ocean mixed with sweet undertones is produced from the sperm of whales, but don’t worry! 

Manufacturers don’t hunt down whales for their intestinal excretions—scientists managed to come up with an alternative called Ambrox, which you can get from balsam fir trees to mimic the iconic fragrance of a whale’s upchuck. The muskiness most people covet in perfumes was once derived from a male musk deer, but in an effort to preserve wildlife, perfumers also use alternatives like ambrette to achieve the same results. 

  1. A lot of people spritz perfume on their neck or wrists, but did you know it’s more effective to spray your favorite fragrance on your hair? Your mane’s natural oiliness makes it the perfect medium to capture the scent longer than your skin, plus it’s also a great way to diffuse the strong smells.
  1. Your nose can quickly get used to smells, especially when they’re always present. That’s why it’s easy to overdo your perfume once your nose becomes too familiar with the scent, which can be offensive to other people who are sensitive to strong smells. 

Asking a close friend, partner, or anyone you know can help you determine whether you’re being too generous with your fragrance. If you spritzed on too much, the best way to “dilute” the powerful scent is to apply rubbing alcohol on the area. 

The Bottom Line: Getting to Know Your Perfume More than Meets the Eye

Perfume can trigger memories and influence the mood, so some may want to smell like cinnamon to celebrate autumn. Others use scents to make a good impression, be it on an interview, a first date, or going out with friends. Whatever the reason behind your favorite fragrance, your perfume is a powerful accessory that can extend your personality in more ways than one.

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