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Campfire Nights Inspired by The he Fireplace




If you ever wanted a magic potion that gave you that “Cozy Happy Place” feeling, you’ve just found it! Campfire nights is a marvelous concoction of a perfectly balanced cozy feeling in a perfume bottle. Bonfire comes at you like the best bedtime story when you were a kid. Sweet vanilla, cloves, and chestnut, gives off that amazing feeling of the night before Christmas when you were a kid. Oud and Balsam warm you up like the softest heavy blanket. A little nostalgic orange blossom is added to the mix and BAM! Cozy feelings in a bottle, warmth in a cold winter day type of satisfaction. Instant happiness!

Inspired by The he Fireplace!

Notes: Woody-Vanilla-Powdery-Balsamic-Warm Spicy-Aromatic



Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Fantastic !!!

Greetings dear. I'm from Brazil and I already have 10 fragrances from the house and Campfire Nights is practically 92% of By The Fireplace. I keep the Alexandria house item because the longevity is greater. Health to you and your friends.

Ludwig rodriguez
By the Campfire

Great stand alone fragrance, By the Fireplace is richer and full bodied. Nice dupe though...kudos.

Buy this!!!

Just to know that this smell just like BTF about 5 secs after the opening smell...but it's in EDP form so it's actually better... It's a scent where you just love to smell yourself... the definition of a cuddling scent. And the presentation is also elegant

Just like the original

I never write reviews but I felt I must with this one. I absolutely love this scent. They did an outstanding job. I have purchased numerous colognes from this house and this may just be my favorite not only because old how good it is but because it last longer than the original. Def will be buying again.

Sara Williams
The Perfect Autumn Fragrance!

I haven't had the pleasure of trying By the Fireplace by Maison Martin Margiela - But I can tell you Campfire Nights is the perfect autumn fragrance! It is woodsy, only slightly smoky (not overpowering), with hints of hazelnut and vanilla- almost like roasting nuts and marshmallows over a campfire! I'm telling you this scent was made for wearing when the summer comes to an end until the Spring rains return...Cozy, warm, spicy, smoky and sweet!