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Casanova Inspired By Roja Midsummer Dream




Cassanova – Like a walk in an old fairytale enchanted forest, bright sunlight breaking through the tree branches warming up your face, the smell of fresh citrus from the bergamot and grapefruit trees captivates your every sense. It’s almost blinding how beautiful this fragrance is.

Subtle yet bright, green yet sweet, a genius balance of nature’s best offerings. The bottom offers a woody and musky almost sweet scent that leaves a magical trail of fairy dust like sillage!

Inspiration of Roja Midsummer Dream  

Notes: Woody-Citrus-balsamic-Aromatic-Warm Spicy


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
G. Smith
A real Dream

I know the original fragrance and love it since I first smelled it. Then I found Casanova here. It's amazing how close it comes to the original. An incredibly great, fresh, extraordinary, mysterious and unique fragrance that you just have to test. I am very happy to have found Casanova. It lasts for many hours. I will definitely buy another bottle of it. One of my favorites from RD

לויאור אלפסי

Thanks. Fast delivery. Great smell

Lance Glynn
elegent &classy

job well done on this offering to me smells old school but very classy im so glad truly like the first impression

Better than Terre d’Hermes

I‘m surprised to see that nobody has compared this to Terre d’Hermes. They smell 85% the same to my nose. This has that signature Hermes orange.

This takes Terre d’Hermes and layers it over more depth (with moss, wood, spice, a little smoke and a soft, background vanilla).

It’s really wonderful - a hit for me. If you wanted to like TdH but didn’t get on with it - or if you’re a lover of that fragrance - this is worthy of a bottle.

One of my favorites from the house, along with Citron Del Mar and No Apologies. This suits me better than Zion, which I found be he in the vein of Bleu de Chanel. Great house - I have more samples on the way! Can’t wait To keep growing with Alexandria.

Reginald Smith

So elegant and lingering too.