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Hands down the absolute epitome of Fougeres,
L'Invasion Invades your wardrobe (No pun intended)
with a cocktail of fresh and bright citrus notes of
Grapefruit and Bergamot. The top notes then blend in
a classic bed of Violet Leafs that only the best of
the best in Barbershop scents have, then showered in a mist
of lavander, musk and cardamom, giving this masterpiece
its lavashly beautiful body.

When drying down you get whiffs of sweet vanilla and
invigorating ginger that round off the rough edges of
the incredibly bright top notes.

If you are into clean, manly barbershop scents, then
look no more. L'Invasion is surely to impress you and
those around you with its captivating characteristics.

Also, If you enjoy MDCI's Invasion Barbare you will
definitely LOVE L'Invasion by Alexandria Fragrances.

Customer Reviews

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Wilbert Pierce

I fell in love with this wonderful smell as soon as my nose hit it. I'm so glad that you guys cane out with this because I surely can't afford the original. Easy one of my top 5 in my collection 👌 Thanks Guys

Straight edge shave manly man

Imagine sitting in a barber chair, being lathered up as the barber sharpens his straight edge razor on a vintage leather strap. This scent is masculine and intense.

Fougere Frenzy

First off it is an amazing masculine scent. Its old school with a new age twist. Leather strap with a straight edge razor in a barber chair while listening to some new age jazz, kinda vibe. Imagine if Barbasol and Brut had a twisted love affair.....


If you’re into barber shop smelling fragrances look no further, of course nothing beats the original but @ $250 plus for 50ML no thank you, I’ve tried the other popular clone house inspiration to Invasion of the barbers and I was very disappointed. However Alexandria fragrances nailed it, this is the closest I’ve smelled anything to the original because the other clone house was way off, AF got this 100 percent right.

Best Barbershop Scent - Awesome scent Longevity

This is PERFECT scent to put on to bring you back to the old time barbershop days 💈. It's a must have and the longevity is crazy. I easily had 10hrs with this frag! Well done on this creation. 👍