Amber Night

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Welcome to the sultry, seductive world of the night. Sensuous and sweet amber catches your attention first, flirty and tinged with pink pepper and gorgeous Turkish rose. Here and there, an energetic burst of tangy bergamot and grapefruit appear, like flashes of lightning across the dark sky. The wind is mild, the mood is sexy and warm. Welcome to the pure seduction of Amber Night, a fragrance that many of our customers have chosen instead of Christian Dior Ambre Nuit.

Time of day: Afternoon, evening

Weather: Cool

Notes: Amber, Rose, Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Grapefruit

Customer Reviews

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I love it

This is so much nicer than Ambre Nuit. It’s stronger and lasts longer. Ambre Nuit is a weak skin scent on me. I’ve gotten big into ambers lately so I’m buying up everything Amber in search for the longest lasting and most projecting frag. I love the smell of Amber.

Tavon S
A living creation

What a beautiful scent. Seductive, comforting and cosy. Amber Night starts off with a bit of bergamot and delicate rose starts showing its head ever afterwards. While its warm, there's something 'blue' or cool which runs through it - almost like a red dress being held together by a blue lace...if that makes sense. While this might lean a bit feminine for some, a confident male can enjoy this artistic scent easily as well as I'm sure this will work great in a date night setting....

A couple of hours in it does get a bit animalic, but as time goes by its claws recede and you're left with the beautiful scent that you began with.

Longevity is good and project is moderate. (Then again it might have to sit for a while to truly mature into the full scent.)

Final thoughts: Amber Night is a masterpiece, which I hope will get more attention. Try to get your nose on it as it is a truly delicate piece of art.


Amazing, smells almost exactly like Amber Nuit with a little less Rose and seems to last longer. I actually prefer this to Dior

Brian Smith
Amber & Cream

This scent is smooth. Its a creamy amber with hints of rose. I love that its not a rose and oud combo because I'm to used to that lol. This breaks from tradition and it's great. It smells like The One, but with pink pepper and rose. Perfect date night scent and its sillage invites a late night romance. Good offering that I'd definitely recommend.