China Affair

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Exotic, powerful, and tantalizing, China Affair dares you to embrace a dazzling cocktail of spicy patchouli, powdery benzoin and Frankincense, velvety white chocolate, warm amber, and smoky incense. The elements collide and collaborate as they play tug-of-war between the savory and sweet, a seductive aromatic dance that will leave you breathless. More of our customers are choosing China Affair instead of Chanel's Coromandel EDP!

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Any

Notes: Patchouli, Benzoin, White Chocolate, Amber, Incense, Woody Notes, Olibanum, Bitter Orange, Citruses, Musk, Orris Root, Neroli,
Jasmine, Rose

Customer Reviews

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Luxury in a bottle!

Ok guys let me start this review by saying WOW!!!! This is Chanel Coromandel in steroids. this beautiful and luxurious fragrance is 99% close to the real thing and the longevity is two times stronger, I can’t believe I have been spending so much money on the real Coromandel, from now on China Affair is my choice!

Silk touch

I feel like a prince,

Mark Binlot
My favorite

Probably my favorite out of my 14 60ml botttles & 10 other small samples. Had to buy a 60ML definitely, one of the most gourmand yet so elegant and mature!


Very well balanced smell. Definitely will be one of my favorite.
This is an amazing creation made not by a perfumer but a magician.

Dexter Charles
Golden Goodness

Initially I get big doses of amber and fruits but warm like I'm guessing that's bc of the chocolate, resins, and patchouli. The incense and woods help this one blur the line of unisex but it leans a little bit fem which I don't care bc it smells really good. It's definitely something for the cooler weather dressed up I think anything above just jeans and a tee and cooler weather also bc of the thickness it has. I tell you the chocolate goes well with the amber in this one. All in all its a very alluring scent. Another HR Hany!