Orange County

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Let the aroma of the earth take your senses to a journey of infinite possibilities. You wake up on a stranded island lying on your back hearing the sea roar from a distance, you turn the other way with sand on your hands and feet walking toward the green fields of California.

As you walk closer, your mind is captured in an intoxicating whiff of pleasure putting your mind and heart at comfort making you feel at home, you have reached your destination, your roots An intoxicating blend of orange, grapefruit with pepper and fresh spices layered on top of vetiver at its finest quality, a fragrance created to take you home, accentuating your masculinity and self confidence. If you are a fan of the of the legendary Terre d'Hermes from the house of Hermes, you are sure to like Orange County

Time of day : Any time of day 

Notes: Orange, Vetiver, Pepper, Grapefruit, Cedar, Patchouli, Benzoin, Pelargonium

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