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Velvet Iris Inspired By Dior Homme Intense

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Velvet Iris for men is a woody fragrance with a beautiful powdery iris heart. This fragrance has top notes of sweet & soft lavender, middle notes of amber and closes with woody base notes. Inspired By Dior Homme Intense!

Time of day: Night

Weather: Fall / Winter 

Notes: Lavender, Iris, Ambrette, Pear, Vetiver, Virginia Cedar 


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Edward Escamilla
Velvet beauty

This is so good. This is literally some of the best stuff I’ve ever put on. The ladies love it too.

Simply beautiful

This has a beautiful dry down. When I wore it I felt confident and sophisticated

Michael Payne
Very pleased

This is as close to the original as you can get! I will be ordering another bottle. Thanks guys 😄

Jordan Raab
Elegant masculine

Elegant masculine floral. Fresh aromatic lavender with iris and pear over a woody cedar base. Very well blended. One of my favourite fragrances. This is in the same genre as reflection man and prada l’homme. Which all to me give an elegant masculine clean sexy floral vibe. These are the type of fragrances you wear dressed up to the office or a formal event. velvet iris is arguably my favourite. I do have a decant of the original and they are extremely close. I believe velvet iris actually has better performance. Thank you Hany for this excellent inspiration. 5/5!

Tim Taylor
Beautiful, yet masculine scent

I had my eye on Dior Homme Intense for awhile but didn't want to pull the trigger on the price tag.....I'm glad I didn't....Velvet Iris is awesome...perfect office scent...a lot of compliments from the ladies....and if you want a similar scent that is based on Dior Homme Parfum, go for the new Leather Intense...layered together with Velvet Iris is pure magic!