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Cacao Dreams Original Creation

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Our second original creation. This is the gourmand everyone craves. Chocolate in all it's glory. Made for everyone who enjoys chocolate in any shape or form. You will feel edible and the people around who catch your scent trail will want to nibble on you like the most luscious piece of chocolate in the world. Unique, easy to wear, unisex, and very attractive!

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Any

Notes: Willy Wonka wants our recipe and we turned him down. but this is a smooth silky creamy chocolate concoction that smells so good you will want to lick your bottle. (literally).


Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Dameria Pridgon


Cody Eck
The definition of a gourmand fragrance.

I have a few gourmand frags in my collection that also work as a masculine everyday wear. But this one, no no no, this is a true gourmand. Unlike Salvatore ferragamo uomo where you have to search for the tiramisu,… Cacao Dreams you don’t have to nose through the scent. The cacao, caramel and vanilla are right there from the start and throughout the entirety. The first 5 minutes I could smell a hint of orange. After that, you’re literally a walking talking chocolate desert. Great for cooler nights, holidays and or “secret time”. I blind bought this and have zero, literally zero, regrets. And I’m a scent snob through and through. I rate it 10/10. To give you a scale on that, I gave Le male la parfum a 9/10. Just buy it. You’ll love the compliments and the scent.

Zeyad Alhilal
All perfumes are very good

Excellent perfumes

Absolutely Fantastic

Smells really good,very sweet and sexy and the longevity is incredible.Thats a great sweet cacao scent, really nice original creation.

Brian Bolin
One of the very best gourmand scents created!

I absolutely love this gourmand fragrance! It is absolutely incredible and one of the best I've ever smelled!