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Leather Intense Inspired By Dior Homme Parfum

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Leather Intense Exuding class and luxury Leather intense comes charging like a knight with a beautiful sword! As the name tells, Leather intense is a sensual explosion that has
eternal longevity and projection. 2 sprays will fill a room up and gather massive compliments. Calling Leather Intense sexy would be an understatement. This fragrance
goes beyond explanation. A realistic leather note along rose, oud, and woody notes make this an absolute must have for every man wanting to smell seriously great.
A spritz of Italian orange brightens up the dark woods and raw leather balancing this masterpiece and taming the animalic side. Tuscan Iris smooths out the rough edges
and brings a sort of powdery/barbershop/dapper feeling to this monster. A perfect fragrance for special occasions and when you want to feel absolutely luxurious and important.
If you want to dominate whatever the day throws at your Leather Intense is always your best wingman. Strong, Sexy, Classy.

Leather Intense inspired by Dior Homme Parfum.

Notes: Tuscan Iris, Italian Orange, Leather, Rose, Sandalwood, Ambrette, Oud, Cedar.

Time of day: Night or Special Occasions


Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews

Man look. I just got my 100ml bottle for $67. And now it's on sale for $57.99. You guys better snatch this up! Steal of the year. This is Dior Homme Parfum reincarnated. Powerhouse of a fragrance and just smells outstanding. You only need two sprays and you will be getting compliments for sure. Great great job on this. I love it and I'm so happy I have this in the collection. A bottle of Dior Home Parfum (original), if you can find it now, is like $200 and up on line. This is a fraction of the price and smells just like it if not better.

charles ward
High Quality

First off, it's high quality. The scent is very refined and rich. The first time I smelled it I thought of the Kentucky Derby on a rainy day. It smells regal and powerful but in a beautiful way. As it progresses through its life cycle it goes through some slight changes and at one point I would describe it as smelling like the inside your grandmother's Vinyl Handbag that has a leather liner and is filled with lipstick , compacts , and a few pieces of bubblegum. The performance is good but I personally became anosmic to it sometime throughout the day although someone around me said it was strong smelling after 8 hours.
I personally like it and even though I said it smelled like a ladies handbag at some point during the dry-down it does exude a sort of inherent masculinity that the reins are being held back on. There's a rainy aspect to it that gives me chills. It's a rich and extravagant Iris and leather scent.

Jun Z
This is a great juice!

I just got my bottle in the mail today and I can’t be any happier. It was a very successful blind buy. I haven't smelled Dior Homme Parfum but I have a 50 ml bottle of Dior Homme Intense since 2017. Honestly, I only keep my DHI just to have one in my collection since it doesn't work well with my skin chemistry unlike Prada L'Homme. After I smelled this fragrance, I was fascinated. The harmony between the iris and leather notes produced a stunningly beautiful scent. Call it a dupe or a clone, I don't care. The quality of the juice, the performance, projection and longevity is a big love to me and I can only agree with all the positive reviews here. I love this one better than DHI and I don't think I'll buy the original DHP since this one already makes me very happy.

If you like iris and leather based frag, please check this one out. Another winners from Alexandria that I own are No Apologies (inspired by Nassomato Pardon) and Ete Sauvage Elixir (inspired by Dior Sauvage Elixir).

I will give this wonderful but humble juice a 10/10

Ulysses Rayford
Best in business

I love Leather Intense, it's better then the inspired to me. Alexandria always produces great stuff!!!


Never sampled dior homme or dior homme intense, but i always liked dark iris smell, so i pulled the trigger on this one and oh boy, this is so luxury, smooth, long lasting, i am amazed, it is timeless piece, for people who appreciate iris, the ones who don't you will not like this. For me, masterpiece. ☆☆☆☆☆