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Citron Del Mar Inspired By Creed's Millesime Imperial

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Citron Del Mar is a transportive journey to take you under the limitless blue sky; and the gentle rippling movement of the Mediterranean sea waves at your feet. The refreshing citrus notes are perched on a sturdily elegant scaffolding of Musk and Woody Notes; weaved through with fragrant garlands of Iris. It's freshness and sensuality evokes the feeling of salty sea breeze caressing your face while you watch the beautiful sunset in the coast of Italy, sipping on Limoncello and letting all the worries drift away. Inspired by Creed's Millesime Imperial! 

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Any 

Notes: Fruity Notes, Seasalt, Lemon, Bergamot, Iris, Orange, Musk, Woody Notes, Marine Notes


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Rhett Green
Just Great!

Love, love, love!!!!

Salty, in a good way

I avoided sampling this for a long time because I saw "marine notes" , and I don't like aquatics. But what I think I've come to find out is I don't like "blue" fragrances, and some aquatics are blue fragrances? But not this in my opinion.

This is salty, I love it, I ended up picking up a 55ml. I can smell the melon but it's not as sweet as I was expecting which I like, I was worried this would be a fruity blue/aquatic, but it's not.
The citruses used here really make the salt stand out, it feels briney, tart but smoothed out from the melon.

This is not a huge projector, but it is very long lasting especially on clothes, I'm smelling it wearing a sweatshirt I sprayed it on 13 hours ago, and it still projects enough that I smell it without having to put my nose where it was sprayed.

I'd say for the first 3-4 hours it does project within an arms length and may come in, but never becomes a skin scent there's always a small bubble of it around where I can smell it with every inhale. It definitely radiates more if you heat up and move around alot.

Overall I'm very happy with the longevity and sillage of this one. I do typically spray quite a bit, on skin and clothes usually 10-15 sprays, so if you're only spraying a couple sprays on skin this may be why some people say it's not long lasting or projects poorly.

I find this great to layer over things to add a zip of tart sea salt, especially over green fragrances.
This works wonderfully layered over l'invasion (Alexandria's clone of mdci invasion barbare).

Overall I was pleasantly surprised and like this one alot, I find myself smelling this just thinking about it when I'm not wearing it. Interesting how that works, like if you imagine biting into a lemon and your tounge tingles.
I find myself wanting to wear this in the warm weather a lot. Especially because it's not a sweet/fruity, sweet/citrus or blue/marine summer scent, but it's more of a salty/tart citrus/fresh and clean scent that works great in warm weather.

(from my review on

darin williams

This is better than the original. I absolutely love the way this scent keeps the incredible clean fresh smell from beginning to end. The longevity is about 6 hours and then it becomes a light skin scent.


I sampled Millsieme Imperial and thought “this is the fragrance I have been looking for. It’s a fresh, aquatic scent, along the veins of an Acqua di Gio or Nautica Blue, but without any harshness whatsoever, and the base of musk takes it to a whole new level.

Citron Del Mar is an absolute winner of a fragrance. It smells utterly fantastic. I don’t have the original to compare performance, but this lasts for quite a while for such a light scent, longer than I remember MI lasting on my skin. Blind buy worthy. Backup bottle worthy. Huge fan of this house. Thank you!!

Collins Egbe
Compliment getter

I absolutely love this fragrance. Ladies couldn't stop given me compliments.