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Kiss Don't Be Shy

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Kiss Don't Be Shy is all you could want in a Gourmand. Sweet, Marshmallowy, Fruity, Complex, Unique, Delicious, with a great performance.
An addicting fragrance composed of Sugar, Caramel, Vanilla, to knock the sweet tooth out of everyone, Orange Blossom, Jasmine,
Honeysuckle, Rose and Iris in the flower department, Pink Pepper, Coriander, Musk, Civet and Labdanum to spice things up with
an animalic touch and Neroli and Bergamot to brighten everything to a ten and balance things out.

Kiss Don't Be Shy is a masterpiece! Like resting on soft clouds of marshmallow in a beautiful garden, Kiss Don't Be Shy will bring a totally
new experience to the wearer and those around him/her with its huge sillage and performance. Let's just say Kiss Don't Be Shy could be
the one you've been waiting for to become your new favorite fragrance in your rotation.

Notes: Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Rose, Iris Pink Pepper, Coriander, Musk, Civet, Labdanum  Sugar, Caramel, Vanilla.

Time of day: Any


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Vicki W
So beautiful

It smells exactly like LDBS and it has this clean and sweet scent that I would love to wear in all 4 seasons! Got so many compliments from my family who rarely comment on my fragrances so that's a good sign!!


This fragrance is fire, its so good my wife too it from me. She said it was a woman's fragrance and I couldn't wear it. She wore it that same day. Go get you one.

Thaís Defalco
Spot on and then some

This fragrance is sooo good, I prefer this to the og due to longevity but they are exactly the same. I tried a sample of the of og and it did not last that long in my skin whereas this beauty here lasted a good 6-7 hours, being a close to skin scent after the 2-3 hour mark. I got whiffs of it through the day and it made me happy!

Brittany Venable
Feminine and sweet

My husband loves this on me. The lasting power is amazing. I sprayed it on a t shirt and still was able to smell it 3 days later while doing my laundry.

Smooth & Sweet

I'm not super into gourmand fragrances but this one is great. I like it on me but DAMN it smells amazing on my girlfriend. You go noseblind to it so it doesn't have the same effect when you are wearing but once you smell it on someone else you know you are giving off that same thick, smooth, sweetness while wearing it too. Very niche. Very good. Longevity is great 7-8 hrs easy.