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Leather Intense Inspired By Dior Homme Parfum

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Leather Intense Exuding class and luxury Leather intense comes charging like a knight with a beautiful sword! As the name tells, Leather intense is a sensual explosion that has
eternal longevity and projection. 2 sprays will fill a room up and gather massive compliments. Calling Leather Intense sexy would be an understatement. This fragrance
goes beyond explanation. A realistic leather note along rose, oud, and woody notes make this an absolute must have for every man wanting to smell seriously great.
A spritz of Italian orange brightens up the dark woods and raw leather balancing this masterpiece and taming the animalic side. Tuscan Iris smooths out the rough edges
and brings a sort of powdery/barbershop/dapper feeling to this monster. A perfect fragrance for special occasions and when you want to feel absolutely luxurious and important.
If you want to dominate whatever the day throws at your Leather Intense is always your best wingman. Strong, Sexy, Classy.

Leather Intense inspired by Dior Homme Parfum.

Notes: Tuscan Iris, Italian Orange, Leather, Rose, Sandalwood, Ambrette, Oud, Cedar.

Time of day: Night or Special Occasions


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Leather Intense

Grown up luxury focused feeling scent, Ideal for Fall/Winter

Paymon Baradar
Good Fragrance

I have Dior homme intense not the parfum version. Leather Intense smells great can’t wait for the cooler weather to wear it more often. 2 sprays is good enough stuff last and project well.

Better than the OG

Buy it guys, as the title reads..... Trust me

Francisco j Lopez

Leather Intense Inspired By Dior Homme Parfum

I'd give it 10 stars if I could!

I am a woman; however, I have been a longtime Dior Homme wearer and die hard fan. I bought a decant of the parfum version and fell in love. Foolishly, I passed up a reasonably priced bottle from a reputable outlet a couple of years ago (well under $200). Now, I'm lucky to find it for under $300. Spring forward to the past few months...I stoked to see this was now part of the Alexandria line-up , but broken hearted when I saw it was out of stock.I kept stalking the sight until last week and snagged a bottle...It arrived in my mailbox this morning and I AM SO HAPPY!! They nailed it. I have the OG on one arm and the Alexandria on the other and they are so, so, soooo close!! I definitely recommend snagging a bottle when it's back in stock. It is beautiful. Great job on this one!!