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Sweetest Aoud

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Sweetest Aoud

Voulez-vous une patisserie fraiche?

Sweetest Aoud will make you travel to Paris, bringing the most realistic freshly scented French bakery for a unique Gourmand creation. Bringing the right amount of buttery sweetness Sweetest Aoud is an ode to Gourmand perfumery.
This masterpiece mixes gourmand with smoky woods that create the ultimate sexy "I WANT TO EAT YOU" reaction. Cozy, Warm, Sexy, Sweet, Woody, Masculine, just truly amazing. Sweetest Aoud is
a definite luxurious experience for all to be had, with its amazing performance and unique scent it will not disappoint anybody. One of my personal signature scents Sweetest Aoud will be in your rotation
for the rest of your days!  The notes of Sweetest Aoud are so well put together that you cannot just say how one makes you feel, so one must take it in as a whole masterpiece, alas, the notes are, Artemisa, Bergamot, Rose,
Cardamom, Oud, Balsam, Olibanum, Juniper, Amyris, Patchouli, Labdanum, Spanish Labdanum, Guaiac wood, Cumin, Cedar, and Cypriol oil of Nagarmotha.

Time of day: Any time or Always

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brenda Arellano
Better than the original

I have the original and this, so I can easily compare. Bought this one on a whim and has ever so slightly less oud to make this smoother and a better experience for me. He has nailed Roja. I also have King Tut and Creation-E and I dare you to distinguish between the two. Sweetest Aoud is masterfully done. It is perfection. Smells luxe, and lasts for an eternity,

Brannon Brown

Such a beautiful & mouthwatering fragrance, I'm so happy to have added this gem to my ever growing Alexandria Fragrances collection...great work Hany

yansel reyes
The best in the world

The best side

Gregory Vinson

Sweetest Aoud

Melshun Churchwell

Smells very good extremely pleasant. Never smelled Roja Dove but this does the job. Smells similar to Italian Caramel by this house also