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Pick and choose any of Alexandria's fragrances to create your travel spray that comes in 10 ml atomizer that you can take with you anywhere you go.

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Both a wonderful scent.

First lets start with the smoky batch. The aventus I have smells nearly all fruity. Good but I wanted slight more masculinity and the original aventus having more smoke in the mix gave it an Creed has changed that. Hafez has saved the smell I wanted, best clone of Aventus Creed. Next is something I can't find on thier site, it must be a sample of something new. Though Rose noir is said to be a clone of Amouage Lyric man, The Prickly Rose I was given smells like it. Lyric man is the kind of scent I wanted to wear at a expensive date but if prickly rose comes out that I will buy instead. Whatever its based off of it works for those in a suit at Michelin star restraunt. Both scents are something worth getting, my final say is thanks for the sanitizer it shows the care for customere.


Beyond expectations! I always wanted to try Black Phantom by Kilian, but I didn't think that buying a 10ml sample is worth 60 bucks. Then I saw this website floating around saying that they have very accurate inspirations of certain fragrances like Black Phantom (Dark Knight), I bought one travel spray and let me say the packaging of this is top quality and I respect that the business is for customer satisfaction in every corner of their products including the packaging. The scent itself smells really high quality and may convince me to buy the full bottle from this brand instead of the 300 dollar original. Unfortunately, right now it's out of stock but I'll make use of this travel spray and definitely buy a full bottle later on. Shipping was quick and they even included a free small sample of an unknown fragrance (I've wished they labeled it). Otherwise much respect for alexandriafragrances!

Wonderful must give them a try

I purchased the "Sweet Smoke", "FUntastic", and "Fatal de Vanille" travel sprays. I opted to purchase the travel sprays because I wanted to try out these fragrances before committing to purchasing a full bottle since this was my first experience with Alexandria Fragrances and my first time trying the scents on my skin. I received my travel sprays (2 days earlier than I expected, which was great!) and the sprays were packaged very well. All three fragrances smell wonderful and have good longevity and projection. The black case that holds the travel spray looks like it has been updated so the logo looks even sleeker than in the website photo. Also, if you take the fragrance out of the black case, the bottle is labeled, which is a nice touch in case you purchase multiple travel sprays. I will be purchasing full bottles (I especially can't get enough of FUntastic) and I would recommend Alexandria Fragrances to everyone whether you're a seasoned fragrance lover or just getting started in the world of fragrance.