Hawaii Volcano - Intense

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Once upon a time, there was Hawaii Volcano (inspired by Creed's Virgin Island Water), and it was beautiful, lush, and exciting. But the volcano has been bubbling and simmering, the pressure has been building, and now the eruption continues with Hawaii Volcano Intense. This feisty, spirited fragrance comes in hot with juicy limes, zesty white bergamot, and a splash of refreshing mandarin. Like its older brother, Hawaii Volcano Intense includes a creamy rush of sugar-sweetened, rum-tinted coconut, but it's the electric jolt of citruses that take center stage in this tropical cocktail. If you're ready for the next level, then dial up the intensity: you're ready for Hawaii Volcano Intense.

Time of day: Any day 

Notes: Citrus, Fruity, Sweet, Coconut 

Customer Reviews

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Wow just WOW

I first bought a sample of this one and oh my goodness ITS SOOO good. So fresh and citrusy. A perfect Summer fragrance. You know I first discovered Dua fragrances from watching YouTube reviewers and bought a few of their dupes and some were very nice but not all, but they don’t offer samples for sale so I ended up with perfumes I wasn’t crazy about. So I ended up giving them away. Then I discovered Alexandria and I must say that your perfumes are above and beyond anything Dua can produce. Seriously, top notch quality. And you offer samples which have kept me coming back for more, twice a week now. I can easily see my collection growing into the hundreds. By far Alexandria is THE best perfume house. Thank you so very much for making these beautiful scents affordable and for offering such generous samples for sale. I so VERY much appreciate it. WELL DONE HANY. You have a customer for life here. God Bless. And keep up the great work. I wish you all the best, u deserve it.

Just got a full bottle

This is an awesome fragrance, works very well in our hot and sunny weather. I dress casually but feel that this fragrance would work fine if I had a suit on. I had sampled a few fragrances and this is the one that got *two* unsolicited compliments from my wife...her first fragrance compliments ever. So I bought the full bottle. Happy wife, happy life.

Dr. Matt
Just Amazing!

I've never smelled the TF VIW but doesn't matter. This is an incredible scent. Some say it's a summer scent and I guess maybe it is but since I live in Tucson, I can wear it nearly year round and that's a good thing.

It's not just coconut but way more complex. The lime, sweet and others that I can't figure out but the entire scent is wonderful! The richness and longevity are just Amazing!!

Fresh and sweet

The lime in this scent is unbelievable. It smells so fresh as if the rind and seeds from the lime are in the bottle. The coconut is more subtle than I expected but it is a fantastic fragrance. Perfect scent for summer vacations.

Summer Sensation

All I know is, this fragrance is going to be my summer signature scent along with CoCo Moon from Beachgeeza, so I can alternate without using it all up. This fragrance is Creed VIW all the way around. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you!!!!