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Cacao Dreams (Solid Fragrance) Original Creation

$29.99 $25.49

Our second original creation. This is the gourmand everyone craves. Chocolate in all it's glory. Made for everyone who enjoys chocolate in any shape or form. You will feel edible and the people around who catch your scent trail will want to nibble on you like the most luscious piece of chocolate in the world. Unique, easy to wear, unisex, and very attractive!

This is a solid perfume. The same ingredients used in the fragrance spray have been incorporated into a non-greasy, beeswax-centric substance that can be applied to the skin to create a scent bubble and sillage that is just as performative as the spray. Put a can in your pocket and take it on the go! Perfect for air travel!

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Any

Notes: Cacao, Vanilla, White Chocolate, Citrus


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Reginald Lucious
Loving it!

I combine it with the Cacao Dreams Fragrance and it smells amazing. The size of the container is awesome also, very easy to carry to reapply if needed. I’m looking forward to purchasing another solid now. Thank you!

RO Monroe

Still has the great smell that is more convenient and efficiently applied. I wish the size was bigger out of fear it will not last long because it is merely an ounce, this is due to the number of application that may occur through the day. :-)