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Italian Caramel (Solid Fragrance)

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Milk, almond cookies filled with silky toffee. Yum! I say that if anybody smelled like this I would become the cookie monster or the sweet tooth Dracula and take a bite from their delicious smelling neck! (Just Kidding!) This delicious mix is the gourmands lover dream! Woody, Sweet, Smooth, Silky, Creamy deliciousness makes the most delicious gourmand fragrance you have ever placed your nose on. Unbelievable realistic Italian almond and caramel cookies and milk. Words aren’t even capable of describing how good this scent truly is. Simply Delicious!

Our clients prefer Italian Caramel 9/10 times more than Xerjoff Italica.


Notes: Sweet-Woody-Almond-Vanilla-Warm Spicy-Milky


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