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Splendid Vanille Inspired By Creed Sublime Vanille


Splendid Vanille is without a doubt one of the most alluring and enticing scents, like the first romantic encounter.... It's a provocative blend of delectable vanilla and Tonka bean, brightened up with luminous notes of lemon and bergamot; with added touch of Tonkin Musk to truly emphasis it's decadence and cast a hypnotic spell on the wearer and those, who are lucky to come close enough. Inspired by Creed Sublime Vanille!

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Any 

Notes: Bourbon Vanilla, Vanilla Orchid, Tonka Bean, Musk, Bergamot, Lemon


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Andrea D
Absolutely ADDICTIVE citrusy vanilla goodness!!

I have a bottle of Creed's Sublime Vanille but it was SOOO expensive that I've been afraid to use it. I had read great reviews on AF's Splendid Vanille so decided to give it a shot. I bought 2 bottles and I am ever so glad I did! It's absolutely GORGEOUS! And, though not a 100% match, it is very close to the original, especially as it dries down, and is so ADDICTIVE that some days I find myself sniffing the bottle randomly throughout the day. I noticed that when I sniff the atomizer of SUBLIME Vanille the scent is very soft, but when I sniff SPLENDID Vanille's atomizer it's MUCH stronger! Now I can spray with abandon and not have to worry! Great job on this masterpiece!

Jay H



Creed's Sublime Vanille was my 1st Royal Exclusive's purchase from Creed and man it is one of my Top 5 Creed Scents. Its a scent that I need to constantly have. I wanted to see how AF House's take on it was and let me tell you that of all the one's I've bought, THIS IS SPOT ON. The opening can be a little harsher than the original, but after 15 minutes, you will NOT be able to tell the difference. This last longer, smells stronger, and the dry down is the same, exactly the same. I'm honestly blown away by this one. I will get the Creed version again when I run out of it, but this will be in rotation along with it. Thank you Hany for this, I WILL BE GETTING THE BIGGER BOTTLE from you when it's time.

Lovely complex vanilla scent

I wish it had longer projection (1-2 hrs) because it smells so good, you naturally want others to smell it too! It's a wonderfully complex vanilla scent that has great longevity on the skin (8-10 hrs easy). As I was testing the scent on my skin throughout the day, it just kept going with the sharper citrus tones easing out and the complex vanilla remaining. This is a lovely, classy, yet muted (think close proximity) scent. Nice.

Melissa Leitc

This smells exactly like Creed Sublime Vanille. It's more amazing, stronger and more lasting though. I LOVE it. Thank you so much! I will continue to purchase from you guys!