Mediterranean Coast

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Mediterranean Coast:

The joy of sailing in the Mediterranean sea, fresh citrus from the margaritas being made in the Yacht. Sweet ripe fruits coming from the coast where John is making a delicious fruit salad. Fresh herbs from the rolling hills, and spices and beautiful flowers rushing in through the air. The sea is calm, and the fizzy salty water invigorates that aroma from the scene.

By the way, you look amazing! Dressed like a captain you exude elegance, your refined taste in life has led you to this nautical paradise. You don't only look great, but you smell amazing. The fragrance coming from the opened top buttons in your shirt was enough to get all the women on the Yacht to mouth feed you fruits and are desperate to follow you to the boat’s cabin for the night.

An amazing fragrance that will have you going crazy if you enjoy Creed’s EROLFA. Mediterranean Coast by Alexandria Fragrances will have you go even more nuts!


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Frag aficionado

Incredible scent with longevity that lasts forever

10 out of 10

So I wanted to blind but a summertime fragrance and I was going all over the place all the sudden I read up on this one and having a small sample of EROLFA in my collection I thought I should try this.. 98% identical in my opinion.. So glad I chose this fragrance.. the perfect summer fragrance.. Well done I’m impressed :)