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Hafez 1984 Original Creation

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Hard work, dedication, commitment to excellence. You follow this pathway to success, which is why you deserve to wear Hafez 1984, an original creation from Alexandria Fragrances. A fragrance that drips with superior quality, Hafez 1984 bursts with premium cavendish tobacco layered with creamy vanilla, accompanied by hints of rich leather, heady rum, fragrant patchouli, and exotic spices. The opening is further adorned with the suggestion of tempting dark fruity notes to make the mouth water. Hafez 1984: come and see what dedication smells like.

Time of day: Any time 

Notes: Tobacco, Vanille, Patchouli, Rum, Exotic Spices


Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Iron Guppy
Masculine and Fearless

I love this stuff it has amazing perfomance and last all day on your skin, it's, strong, iit's unapologetically masucline, it projects like a motha. Dont be shy you will be noticed; but dont care about the attention either way. Enjoy this for yourself and those arround you can't help but feel that confidence flowing from you.

Fabian G
Smells amazing!

Highly recommend!

Elizabeth ortega
Good product

I really love the smell and it stays on my shirt all day so worth getting it

A fall/winter BANGER!

When I initially smelled Hafez 1984 it had to grow one me. I'm a huge Parfum De Marly Carlisle fan and I kept coming back to my bottle of Hafez 1984 and I said man this reminds me of something. Its has some similarities on the dry down but Carlisle is just slightly sweeter. That's it. But you get the same vibe. Both are absolute bangers! And Hafez 1984 won't cost you $250 like Carlisle will either.

Tobacco and spice and everything nice.

Hafez 1984 is a lovely fragrance. I love how unisex it is, my wife and I both enjoy wearing this when we want to smell unique and stand out. The tobacco note is well supported by the spice, and the rum gives the overall effect a beautiful sweetness that keeps the fragrance wearable and attractive to anyone. It reminds me just a bit of Mugler's Womanity if you were to minimize the fig + caviar and replace it with Tobacco, but this is far more wearable with the sweet and spicy notes, making it more versatile overall. Another A+ creation from Alexandria and you would not go wrong with this fragrance.