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No Apologies Inspired By Nasomatto Pardon


The fragrance aims to evoke the image of utmost masculine elegance and charm. Dark woody and rich, yet subtle, it remains a gentleman all throughout its long life. Pure class in a bottle, this fragrance should wear a suit and tie and go off to the red carpet. Uknown notes make this fragrance even more mysterious as its seductive scent attracts women from miles away. Inspired by Nasomatto Pardon!

Time of day: Any

Weather: Any

Notes: Oud, Dark Chocolate, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Cinnamon, Magnolia, Flowers


Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Jordan Raab
Dark and mysterious

Very pleased with this scent. It’s dark mature and smells expensive. Performance is great. Definitely worth checking out if you like Oud! 5/5

jordan minor

A very wearable oud fragrance with a light floral note. I love wearing this when I’m in a suit.

Antonio Harvey
No excuses

Yea this one here is a beast mode frag,it smells great but be careful on the trigger and the women love it I've have gotten some very interesting compliments on this one here it's like its almost an aphrodisiac seriously but just a reminder this doesn't need to be over sprayed

Coty Perry
Smells good!

I love the colognes and have told many people. I should get some samples for my review. But yeah this stuff is strong. Spray then let the cologne sit for like a month inside a dark place it will be super strong.

Jeffrey Alexander
No Quit in It

I visited one of my customers in the morning last week and she complimented me and then asked the name of the fragrance. I returned to her office area six hours later to drop off some equipment and she was not even in sight and called out to me from the around the corner. "Hey Jeff, I know you are here...I can smell you!" LOL - Sillage like a mofo!
I also noticed that people who don't normally speak to me wanted to converse all of the sudden too. :)
Apply to the back of your neck and chest and No Apologies will do the rest!