Our Story

Alexandria Fragrances is an independent fragrance house that provides handcrafted niche fragrances. We are located in Los Angeles, and started our journey in Cairo, Egypt a land of mythical sights & aromas.

Alexandria Fragrances was founded by CEO Hany Hafez, a native son of Cairo, Egypt. Hany grew up watching his family handcrafting fragrances and mixing oils and learned this craft from his grandfather and uncles, as his family owned a series of fragrance stores in Cairo. 

After graduating school, he decided to open his first store in Cairo in 2002. In 2010, Hany decided to move to Europe and a year later he moved to the United States and opened his first store front in 2012 in Los Angeles which was called ZMZM Fragrances.

Hany's dedication and passion to create and offer fragrances lead him to open his current online store, Alexandria Fragrances. The name pays tribute to the mystical city of Alexandria Egypt, where fragrances were born some 2000 years ago.

Alexandria Fragrances offers bold original creations and niche quality inspired fragrances. We believe everyone should wear a fragrance they truly love. Our mission is to offer niche quality fragrances accessible to everyone- no matter your lifestyle.