About us


Hi! My name is Hany CEO of Alexandria Fragrances. I was born in Cairo, Egypt the "land of fragrances". the reason I got into fragrances was that my family from my mother's side owned many stores in Cairo since the 1940's which means that I grew up with fragrances all over the place. At home, at the shop, in family gatherings etc., I used to help my grandfather and uncles when I was a kid, I enjoyed mixing oils and smelling good anytime I could , I was getting a ton of compliments and everyone was asking what I was wearing.

So I decided to sell to my friends, teachers and neighbors, until I graduated from school and opened my first store in Cairo early 2002. I was working at the same time as a tour guide, it was also part of my tours to take the tourist to bazaars and having them purchase the essential oils and the pure jasmine oils. I had the store for 8 years until I moved to Europe for a short time. Then in 2011 I decided to come to the States to live with my parents and brothers.

I found the prices for the niche and most of brands very expensive and not that excellent in performance, so I decided to go back to my fragrance making background to be able to offer a good quality fragrance with a fair price for everyone to be able to enjoy the luxury fragrances at a fraction of the cost of the "real" deal. So in 2012 I opened my first venture ZMZM Fragrances in downtown Los Angeles which then had me join the wonderful online fragrance community, leading to my new and current business of Alexandria Fragrances, paying tribute to the city of Alexandria in Egypt where the  fragrance journey of the world began over 2000 years ago.