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Paris Night Inspired By MFK Grand Soir

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A gorgeous evening in romantic Paris, with the stars twinkling against the glow of the moon, and music wafting through the air as you sit outside an old cafe and contemplate the beauty of life ... this is what the aroma of Paris Night evokes. A lush blanket of warm amber settles around you, tinged with powdery incense, dotted with hints of vanilla, and just a whisper of leathery labdanum. It projects an air of sensuality and smoldering passion just under the surface, inviting closer attention and perhaps one last dance before the evening is through.Inspired by  MFK Grand Soir!

Time of day: Evening

Weather: Cool

Notes: Amber, Siam Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Spanish Labdanum


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Herve Balikosa
Grand soir

Smell very good and last a very long time

Heaven's scent

Got this in my sample pack... and it has exceeded my expectations. I will be buying a big bottle during my next big fragrance splurge.

It is sweet, elegant, sexy, delicious, just wonderful amber fragrance. It's very difficult to tell the difference from Grand Soir. If you enjoy amber/sweet fragrances - this is a very EASY blind buy... and I'm the one usually telling people to always sample first. With this, there is no need. It's that good. It's a projection BEAST, great performance. It's very rich and creamy type of scent. Can't say enough good things about it. Big time compliment getter. Perfect for a cool night in the fall or winter. It's heaven in a bottle.

Ginger McGuinness

This is an amazing amber scent, it is magnificent, a masterpiece in my eyes.
I have tried this along side to the MFK Grand Soir and AF did a wonderful job recreating Paris Night, its unisex so both men and women can wear this. Its incredible.
I get warm vanilla amber that is smooth and creamy. Simply beautiful.

john moran

another excellent one by Alexandria

Alexander V
Blind buy the bigger bottle!

I never recommend blind buying but if you like the notes of MFK Grand Soir or have smelled MFK Grand Soir and love it. Buy the largest size available here now and don’t look back. If you buy the smaller bottle you will kick yourself for not getting the bigger one. It truly is fantastic!