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Where it all started

"Alexandria Fragrances is owned and operated by Hany Hafez, a native of Cairo, Egypt who now resides in Anaheim, California. Hany’s family on his mother’s side had owned a number of shops in his childhood, which introduced him to the world of fragrance. As a child, Hany would help out around the shops. As time went on, he began mixing oils and creating his own fragrances.

After being encouraged by positive feedback from his friends and family, he opened his own shop in early 2002. Also working as a part-time tour guide, it was one of his duties to make sure his tourists visited the proper shops and bazaars to purchase essential and perfume oils.

He maintained the shop for eight years, until he decided to move to Europe for a short time. He moved to the United States to be with his family in 2011.

Shortly after coming to the States, Hany began feeling the pricing for niche fragrances was unreasonable, and that the performance of many of them didn’t justify that price. He decided to go back to his fragrance-making background to develop competitive luxury fragrances. In 2017, after several years of assisting others launch their fragrance brands, Hany launched his own house, Alexandria Fragrances." - a note from the brand.


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