"My fragrances are made from the highest quality IFRA certified ingredients available. All fragrances are made fresh to order and hand mixed and bottled by my own two hands."
" Fragrances made with the highest quality IFRA certified ingredients."
" We turn emotions into fragrances." - CEO Hany Hafez


Imagine sitting by the beach with the cool breeze striking your face and the subtle scent of the coconut and lime in the background.. the sun is shining, the water is just perfect and the volcano in the back smoking a little bit giving off a diminutive heat signal but enough to warm your heart.

Inspired by Creed's Virgin Island Water. 


"Incredible! The whole Alexandria Fragrances line smells exactly the same as their inspiration and it performs better!"

Rich Lopez, NC

I was able to afford 13 different fragrances that would have cost me thousands for just a fraction of the price. I'm a customer for life!

Joel Chiri, California

What do you get when you combine high quality oils and the best customer service, infused with incredible prices that are 10% of what the expensive brand bottle costs and you get same or better performance on it? Alexandria Fragrances. 

Nico Xeneize, Argentina