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Introducing our Premier Alternatives. Our carefully developed fragrances are based on some of the world’s most iconic scents, all while also being made with a focus on Long lasting effect, sustainability and transparency.

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Coke Zero

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inspired by "Love by Kilian Amber and Oud Special Blend 2023

Kiss Don't be Shy Amber

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Inspired By Apple Brandy on the Rocks" by Kilian

Wasted Moment On The Rock

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inspired by Cafe Rose Tom Ford

Red Rose Cafe

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luxurious diffuser oils

diffuser oils

We offer a wide range of essential oil diffusers for your home or office. Essential oils The best air quality for you and your family

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We've created our own in-house formulas, blending the best of natural ingredients with top quality synthetics. We've also created unique scents that are exclusive to our brand so you can find the perfect scent for you, no matter what your mood may be!


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We have you covered Do you love to wear a fragrance that's not too strong? We've got you covered. Do you want a subtle scent, but still want to smell great? We've got your back. Do you prefer to change up your fragrance every day? We have the perfect solution for you.

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