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Leather Intense Inspired By Dior Homme Parfum

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Leather Intense Exuding class and luxury Leather intense comes charging like a knight with a beautiful sword! As the name tells, Leather intense is a sensual explosion that has
eternal longevity and projection. 2 sprays will fill a room up and gather massive compliments. Calling Leather Intense sexy would be an understatement. This fragrance
goes beyond explanation. A realistic leather note along rose, oud, and woody notes make this an absolute must have for every man wanting to smell seriously great.
A spritz of Italian orange brightens up the dark woods and raw leather balancing this masterpiece and taming the animalic side. Tuscan Iris smooths out the rough edges
and brings a sort of powdery/barbershop/dapper feeling to this monster. A perfect fragrance for special occasions and when you want to feel absolutely luxurious and important.
If you want to dominate whatever the day throws at your Leather Intense is always your best wingman. Strong, Sexy, Classy.

Leather Intense inspired by Dior Homme Parfum.

Notes: Tuscan Iris, Italian Orange, Leather, Rose, Sandalwood, Ambrette, Oud, Cedar.

Time of day: Night or Special Occasions


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Eran Silam
Superb masterpiece

From the designers, this is my favorite perfume, I bought it as it came out and within a year I finished it. Honey Hafez's work is very, very close to the source from the memory I have
The perfume smells wonderful and lasts for a lot of time, longevity about 15 hours. A solid projection of three to four hours.
Top notch perfumery
Love your work

Ebiowei Kanwei
Crowd pleaser

Just got my travel pack sample and rushed to get a 55ml only to find out it's out of stock...that tells you it is a masterpiece from Hany ....

"BAM"- Dreko.G

This is a Banger of a fragrance start out 'BAM" but transitions to a Smooth and Subtle scent. It will Definitely get a lot of wear from me this Fall/Winter 👍🏼👏🏽🔥🖤 Perfectly inspired....

Dominique W
Excellent Inspiration

OMG great inspiration of Dior i love it

Wow! I’m impressed

Good job Hany. This is the real deal and spot on with more Longevity