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Hawaii Volcano Inspired By Creed's Virgin Island Water

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Imagine sitting by the beach with the cool breeze striking your face with the subtle scent of the local bartender preparing a drink based on coconut and lime. The sun is shining, the water is just perfect and the volcano in the back smoking a little bit giving off a diminutive heat signal but enough to warm your heart. The perfect summer vacation scent. Inspired by Creed's Virgin Island Water!

Time of day: Day

Weather: Warm- Hot

Notes: Sicilian White Bergamot, Jamaican Lime, Sicilian Mandarin, Hibiscus, Ylang Ylang, Indian Jasmine, Tonkin Musk, Tropical Wood


Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Tracy Morwood
Hawaii Volcano

Smells great. Very close to creed virgin island water.

Gladys Jones
One of my faves from Alexandria fragrances!

This is my 2nd time ordering this perfume. The first time was last year and I have just a lil bit left. It was time for a reorder. Give this perfume a try…it will change your entire summer game.

Sooooooooooooo Good

Its my favorite perfume. I really impressed.

G twice
Magic for the Spring

Nice fruity tropical vibe. Could be unisex but leans masculine to my nose. Going to definitely put this into the regular rotation.

Allison Gerard
Beach vacation in a bottle

This is a fantastic fragrance-- to me it's a little more masculine than feminine, but it works just as well on a woman and the scent hangs around all day long. It is very lime-forward, but not in a bad way, and definitely reminds me of a beach vacation. If this was available in a 30 mL currently, I'd purchase a bottle, but I suppose I will have to wait.