Hawaii Volcano

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Imagine sitting by the beach with the cool breeze striking your face with the subtle scent of the local bartender preparing a drink based on coconut and lime. The sun is shining, the water is just perfect and the volcano in the back smoking a little bit giving off a diminutive heat signal but enough to warm your heart. The perfect summer vacation scent. More of our customers are choosing Hawaii Volcano instead of Creed's Virgin Island Water!

Time of day: Day

Weather: Warm- Hot

Notes: Sicilian White Bergamot, Jamaican Lime, Sicilian Mandarin, Hibiscus, Ylang Ylang, Indian Jasmine, Tonkin Musk, Tropical Wood

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

I just got 4 samples, blind buy, one of them is Hawaii volcano, very good perfume and my husband liked too so we will order a big bottle for sure. Thank you

Nomar Proctor
Bottled Paradise🌴

Lemme tell you something... Going through the reviews about this fragrance, I was ever so eager to receive it. Ladies and gentlemen, Creeds VIW has been issued a restraining order and is out the door. Having smelled both, Hawaii Volcano is without a doubt the superior. Performance is better with HV and the smell is heavenly. Compliments galore and my girlfriend forgot personal space existed😂. Recommended highly for men and women alike.

Jp laguerre

I just received Hawaii Volcano. What a nice fragrance! I love the lime and I am not even a fan of lime in fragrances , however this one is creamy almost gourmandish if that is word. I can’t wait to try the others. This is becoming my favorite house.One thing I love about the Alexandria fragrances is how natural they feel. They are easy to wear I even wear them to bed. Thanks Hani . Keep us smelling great!

Shawn G.
Joy of the islands

This is a beautiful rendition of a fresh island fragrance. The lime and coconut are perfectly balanced so one doesn't over power the other. The coconut isn't overly sweet. The immediate emotion is an easy breath and a relaxed smile.

Blue Lava

Blue Lava that’s how unique this is. It’s a summer scent all the way. Longevity is good but could use a little improvement.
Either way phenomenal