Forbidden Plum

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The sun sets on a day of work well done. You've earned a moment of relaxation, a moment to enjoy your accomplishments. Slip into something comfortable, and indulge yourself in a decadent fragrance full of sensual spice that appeals to your desires. Dark, rich, sweet plum and cinnamon notes invite you to relax, as you sink deeper into hazy, forbidden realms of oud wood. This fragrance is where your playful side meets your seductive side in perfect harmony. More of our customers are choosing Forbidden Plum instead of Tom Ford's Plum Japonais!

Time of day: Night time 

Weather: Any 

Notes: Japanese Plum, Saffron, Cinnamon, Immortelle, Plum Blossom, Camellia, Oud, Amber, Benzoin, Fir, Vanilla  

Customer Reviews

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Jamel Jones
Forbidden goodness

This is absolutely amazing. This is almost 1 to 1 but this has better longevity to me. I love it

Rachael Cullins
Gorg for women, too

I saw mostly reviews from the menfolk here, so as a woman I had to say: this stuff is IT. If you’re into unisex perfume, this is beautiful. Just enough sweetness to balance the amber and woodsy. It does project quite a bit (yay), but I think one spray under clothing could absolutely work in the office.

gorgeous plum

What a wonderful juice
Nice Plummy Vibe
Great job as Always
Welle Done Hany

Dr. Matt
Outdoes The Original

I've owned the original Tom Ford Plum Japonais and this is 110% of it. To me, it's everything the original is but a bit more intense, sweeter plumb. It also lasts the entire day where as the TF, I had to give a refresh spray at lunch.

A deep, sultry scent. Easily unisex. I would ravish my wife if she wore this!


This is a strong, just sweet enough, spicy plum. Turns a bit powdery and heavy on my skin, but as long as it's not too hot I'm good. I got the travel size since I will rarely wear it in FL, but it's still good for dressing up to go someplace indoors and fancy... just go easy on the sprays.