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Forbidden Plum Inspired By Tom Ford's Plum Japonais

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The sun sets on a day of work well done. You've earned a moment of relaxation, a moment to enjoy your accomplishments. Slip into something comfortable, and indulge yourself in a decadent fragrance full of sensual spice that appeals to your desires. Dark, rich, sweet plum and cinnamon notes invite you to relax, as you sink deeper into hazy, forbidden realms of oud wood. This fragrance is where your playful side meets your seductive side in perfect harmony. Inspired by Tom Ford's Plum Japonais!

Time of day: Night time 

Weather: Any 

Notes: Japanese Plum, Saffron, Cinnamon, Immortelle, Plum Blossom, Camellia, Oud, Amber, Benzoin, Fir, Vanilla  


Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Geoff Sergeant
Don't let this fragrance die!

If Tom Ford discontinued Plum Japonais then isnt this technically a unique fragrance? Why on Earth this was DCd who knows but such a fantastic modern Oriental style fragrance. Just a wonderful pitted fruit accord to give delicate sweetness to spice, wood, and ambers. Smells so close to the original, if there's a difference I couldn't care less. This is a perfect fall or cool spring evening fragrance.

Christopher Harley
Plum Done Right

I have never owned the original TF plum Japonais. I will say that this fragrance done by AF is absolutely incredible. The plum is done so well. I get a nice plum throughout the fragrance and the dry down is amazing. I would definitely recommend buying this one.

Allison Gerard

On first spray, I wasn't a fan-- this seemed like an incense bomb and I got no plum at all. Then, of course, a couple hours later, I couldn't stop catching whiffs of this lovely dark spicy fruit, and I was hooked. If I asked my dad, he'd say this smells too "old" for me (I'm in my late 20s), so maybe I'll save buying a bottle for the future, when hopefully the 30mLs will be back in stock.

You've got to at least sample

I'm so glad I discovered this one. I don't wear it a lot, it's not what I would consider a daily wearer. Spicy, Woody, fruity. PERFECTLY unisex. If you smelled it on a woman you would swear it was feminine and you smell it on a man and you'd swear it's masculine.

Pretty decent performance.

Rachel Hutchinson

Have never smelled anything like this before. Gourgeous and sensual.
Will repurchase this beautiful plum-oud.