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Ouddiction Inspired By Oud For Greatness Initio Perfumes Prives




Inspired by: Oud for Greatness Initio Perfumes Prives for Women & Men

Notes: Fresh Spicy-Warm Spicy-Oud-Aromatic-Patchouli


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Although I do love Alexandria I’m not going to just lie when I leave a review. For the longest time when I read that people prefer this or that fragrance to the original I used to roll my eyes. Because for me Alexandria wasn’t better than the original they were exact copies of the original. Now I thought that was a great enough achievement but the turning point came with Jazz Club. I LOVE JAZZ CLUB so when I bought their version that was an extrait de parfum that was identical to the original eau de toilette I was AMAZED. And then their version of Gypsy Water was better than the original. And now this. I must say that their version of Oud for Greatness in my opinion is better. The original is WAY LIGHTER than theirs. I must say this is the BEST clone of Oud for Greatness and yes I do prefer it to the original. Highly recommend

Gilbert F.
Sent so sexy

Love it 💯👌🏼🤩

Juan Carlos Cervantes

I try this fragrance yesterday and I received so many compliments I gotta say Alexandra always gets it right thank you

Compelling oud

I find this to be a very compelling oud fragrance. It does not stick strictly to the dark woody oud script, but goes in a beautiful direction with the initial blast of saffron, well supported by lavendary nutmeg notes. I would highly recommend it for oud lovers looking for a fresh take. I think the original name "oud for greatness" fits it well. Still trying to figure out where this fits into my rotation but I enjoy wearing whenever I do.

Ernesto Benítez

Hello. Sorry but i don't have it yet. I check in USPS tracking and it looks that it is gonna take a few more days. Then I'll be glad to let you know. Thanks.