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Bitter Soft Inspired By Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather




Fresh thyme, luscious raspberry, offer a juxtaposition to the birch-tar and leather notes given by this magisterial concoction. Almost narcotic this fragrance is a real head turner and will catch attention from everyone who dares cross your path. Intoxicating, addicting, and well blended notes make Bitter Soft a great fragrance for a special occasion, or really anytime you want to catch someone's attention. Inspired by Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather!

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Any

Notes: Leather, olibanum, night blooming jasmine, and black suede  


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Alex Good
Like new Tuscan Leather, not old

Good - definitely like newer Tuscan Leather, not the older bottles unfortunately, but still good as a clone. Just a lot more synthetic raspberry

Eric R
Tom Ford on a Budget

This stuff smells great. Tom Ford scents are generally pretty straight up, and this matches well. Lots of leather, some fruit. Smells great. I do recommend letting their bottles sit for like 1-2 months. The first spray was a bit underwhelming, but after some time I have found the scent to be stronger and last longer.

Incredible fragrance

Absolutely love it!.Performs as longer as Tuscan by Ford.

David Bocko

Bitter Soft Inspired By Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather

Brian Smith
Hookah Smoke

So I'll explain the title. This smells like a raspberry and sueded smoke. It smells like a hookah if that makes sense lol. It's dark yes, but bright with the raspberry. I'd say it gives you the scent of wealth. Every time I wear I think fresh Mercedes S550 leather😅. I'll tell you a little trick to make it smell even better. Take myrrh oil and put it on the pulse points, then spray this bad boy! AMAZING for spring and winter nights. But I'll spray anytime FOREAL!