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Brasilia Cologne Inspired By Aventus Cologne




Do you want to be just the King? No? Well we have found how to make you the BEST king. It’s called Brasilia Cologne. This fragrance composed of tart mandarin oranges, spicy yet soothing pink pepper, therapeutic ginger, and manly birch tar makes the perfect fragrance for a king. Not just any king but the best there is! Smelling great, ready to take on any meeting, speeches, dinners, dates with the queen, beheadings (Kidding!) or anything that the kingdom may throw his way. This king is ready to rule his people and his life. He simply walks around his people and the bow down, they get weak on their knees just simply getting this majestic scent. If you don’t feel like becoming the ruler of your own life and subdue all those around you with your manly and alluring fragrance then don’t wear this. We understand it’s not for everyone. Getting compliments and attracting women is not for the faint of heart.

Inspired by Aventus Cologne


Notes: Woody-Musky-Citrus-Balsamic-Leather 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Amazing stuff

Brasilia cologne

Nice inspiration on a pleasing fragrance. Though it is not exactly the same as inspiration it’s ok because it is better in my opinion. It’s as if owner thought this little change here and there would make it a little better. It is very similar though. This is my upgrade to aventus cologne. No need to repurchase aventus cologne anymore. 5 stars!

César Salazar
Good but poor longevity

I loved the fragrance, initially it has something different from the original but it fast becomes aventus cologne, i don’t know it it is my skin but didn’t last on me more then 3 hours, i have zion and la dolce vita and both are excellent performers, recommended, but take on consideration longevity