Black Panther

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Black Panther is like the new hit of the summer!

A familiar scent that you don't get tired of smelling. Masculine, citrus, woody, suave...
Alexandria Fragrance Black Panther starts off with a prominent effervescent Grapefruit note that screams summer, drying down to a musky, woodsy, ambroxan filled sexy aura.

It is a fresh and versatile fragrance that can be worn by any age and any setting. Night/Day, hot days to cool things down and cool nights to bring out a hot summery vibe out of you. The creamy dry-down is addictive and captivating. A definite MUST HAVE in anyone's arsenal.
Black Panther is not to disappoint and it has become my new personal signature scent. A definite masterpiece!

Most of our customers prefer Black Panther than Bvlgari Tygar 9/10 times!

Time of day: Day and Night

Weather: Cool and Hot

Notes: Ambroxan, Woody Notes, and Grapefruit

Customer Reviews

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Black Panther

This Juice Is Off Da Chain !!! Its A Must Have Compliment Monster... I Gotta Get Another Bottle... Hani I Need a 100 ML
Of This Juice..

Dominic Thompson
The Truth

Projection: Beast
Compliments: Galore
Longevity: Eternal
Smell: Amazing
Blind Buy: Worthy

Citrus, fresh and kind of sweet. It's a bit of a straight forward scent, but not everything has to be complex. A good rotation would be this, citron del mar (cdn milestone) and crystal peak (silver mountain water)

Tony g
Wow! This is unique!

Citrus and musk straight through. No one has ever smelled anything like this if they’re not a frag head (good for you) as people will ask omg what are you wearing? Harsh in the beginning let it dry down for 10
Minutes then smooths out.

If going out spray 10
Minutes before heading out 🙂.

One of my favorite scent DNA

Fell in love with this scent DNA and decided to give Alexandria's Fragrances a shot with Black Panther. This juice is A1 it smells rich and smooth the performance does very good on my skin. I have to review this on my fragrance channel. They knocked it out the park with this one.

Oscar A. Martinez
One emoji is needed 🔥

It’s kinda like Elysium and office for men had a baby but woodier and this came out and they actually made fragrance like that called executive order but I prefer this