Cacao Dreams

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Our second original creation. This is the gourmand everyone craves. Chocolate in all it's glory. Made for everyone who enjoys chocolate in any shape or form. You will feel edible and the people around who catch your scent trail will want to nibble on you like the most luscious piece of chocolate in the world. Unique, easy to wear, unisex, and very attractive!

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Any

Notes: Willy Wonka wants our recipe and we turned him down. but this is a smooth silky creamy chocolate concoction that smells so good you will want to lick your bottle. (literally).

Customer Reviews

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Chocolate masterpiece

The rich creamy chocolate smell is unparalleled by anything else that's out there. Everyone who has smelled it on me immediately purchased a bottle. This fragrance will take your collection to new heights! A definite game changer!

Roberto Musitano
Cocao done well

I really like gourmand fragrances. If you like chocolate, then I recommend you give this fragrance a go. It's an easy to wear fragrance that is not too challenging. It will sit close to your skin after a few hours. It's definately unisex. I compared it with chocolate Dreams which leaned a touch feminine on the opening.. I recommend you det out of your comfort zone and sample this one. We'll done Alexadndria Fragrances.

Dr. Matt
Absolutely Fantastic

I bought a small decant of Initio Absolute Aphrodisiac and loved it. Was hoping AF had an inspiration but no luck.

I recently bought Cacao Dreams for my wife and after about a month, I put them together for a side by side sniff test and 😱 the Cacao Dreams smells very close to the Initio fragrance... but better. The chocolate makes it a touch sweeter and WAY better performance.

Five star

Smells really good. Can't go wrong with this fragrance. Lasts a long time and projection is great. Smells sweet and edible. Received lots of compliments and some say I smell like chocolate vanilla and Krispy Kreme donuts lol.

Dee Steel
Smell so good!

This fragrance smells just wonderful and delicious it performs great and overall is this a great fragrance definitely recommend buying make sure you get the biggest bottle it's worth it