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Hafez 1984 Original Creation

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Hard work, dedication, commitment to excellence. You follow this pathway to success, which is why you deserve to wear Hafez 1984, an original creation from Alexandria Fragrances. A fragrance that drips with superior quality, Hafez 1984 bursts with premium cavendish tobacco layered with creamy vanilla, accompanied by hints of rich leather, heady rum, fragrant patchouli, and exotic spices. The opening is further adorned with the suggestion of tempting dark fruity notes to make the mouth water. Hafez 1984: come and see what dedication smells like.

Time of day: Any time 

Notes: Tobacco, Vanille, Patchouli, Rum, Exotic Spices


Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
A True Powerhouse Scent

Wow. I blind bought a travel spray of this one because I was intrigued by the scent notes. Full disclosure, when I first sprayed this on I wondered if I'd made a horrible mistake. It smelled very jumbled, very much as though all the scent notes were in competition with each other and not working in any sort of harmony. After about 10 or so minutes I was met with a scent that was really starting to sort out and become much smoother. The mid and long drydown on this scent are absolutely amazing. Just smooth, boozy, and strong without becoming overpowering. This is a very strong performer with excellent projection and an incredible sillage trail. Do not make the mistake of overspraying.

To my nose, this could probably be worn by someone as young as their mid to late twenties depending on the situation but I do feel it wears a bit more experienced. This is not a scent to be worn by the guy in the mailroom. This is a scent to be worn by a CEO or someone who just wants to feel like a million bucks. I do feel that it could be appropriate for business but I really feel like this excels in a date night situation during fall and winter, especially. I love the compliments I get from this scent. Guys who are trying to blend in need not apply. You'll get a lot of feminine attention from this one.

My short review? Do you like boozy scents? How about sweet tobacco? If you can hang on past the first 10 or 15 minutes, you will absolutely be rewarded with an amazing scent that will literally last until the next day on your skin.

*puts finger to forehead* I foresee a 100ml bottle of this one in my near future! Gentlemen, it's that good.

Marcos Johnson
High Quality Juice

This stuff is worth every penny.I have over 150 bottles of cologne and this is right at the top with some of the best niche parfum I own


Hafez 1984 Original Creation


This was a blind buy for me, but the reviews were so good I figured I can't go wrong. This fragrance is absolutely heavenly, very masculine...theres a smooth subtle power behind it but it is in no way overpowering! For me if I had to put a label on it; it would be reminiscent of Xerjoff Naxos and MFK Grand Soir.

Christopher Merchant

Hafez 1984 Original Creation