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Hafez 1984 Original Creation

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Hard work, dedication, commitment to excellence. You follow this pathway to success, which is why you deserve to wear Hafez 1984, an original creation from Alexandria Fragrances. A fragrance that drips with superior quality, Hafez 1984 bursts with premium cavendish tobacco layered with creamy vanilla, accompanied by hints of rich leather, heady rum, fragrant patchouli, and exotic spices. The opening is further adorned with the suggestion of tempting dark fruity notes to make the mouth water. Hafez 1984: come and see what dedication smells like.

Time of day: Any time 

Notes: Tobacco, Vanille, Patchouli, Rum, Exotic Spices


Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Jordan Pone
I am god himself

This cologne got me so many compliments it’s crazy. I’m the best smelling man in the room fasho and I managed to wheel three birdies in one weekend with it, including my crush. Heavily recommend and put my boys onto it. Stay steezy

Frank Herrera

Hafez 1984 Original Creation

Lance Glynn
well worth the meager sum of money

this has to be one of my fravorites from this houselove the way the tobacco and rum melt together very pleasurable experience thank you hany for making such great fragrances for the everyday man and woman

Brilliant Tobaco Scent!!

This is hands down one of the best tobacco scent I have ever smelled!!! Absolutely love it!


Guys!!! I'm Shook!!

This is a masterpiece. Sweet, creamy, boozey tobacco!!! Lasts and lasts for ages. I can still smell this on my jacket 5 day later!!! If I was in the US I would definitely get a full bottle. But, I'm in Nairobi so I have to wait for my friend to go back Stateside and come back again so I will try to limit this to one spray/special occasions till then.

Edit! Wore this to work and my supervisor told me I can't be smelling nicer than him! Real talk here. I'm all the way in Nairobi!

Please, 2 Spritz max!! IT IS THAT POTENT!!

Syed Taimur Shah
Hafez 1984

I would rate this with Creed Royal Oud. I know most people will hate me for it. But i dare you to try and wear both at parties and see which perfume gets more compliments. Women literally told me that this was a panty dropper. Which is what you want to hear… Hafez 1984 is an addiction now. Will be waiting for the 100ml.