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Anubis Kiss Inspired By Black by Nasomatto

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Our best seller hands down. Longevity, Edgy yet Attractive, Mysterious yet "in your face" attitude. Anubis Kiss is made out of the highest quality Hashish plants and Oud resins, it is smokey, but sweet, manly and powerful, and a compliment magnet. Inspired by Black Afgano by Nasomatto!

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Cool weather

Notes: Oud, Incense, Cannabis, Woodsy Notes, Resins, Tobacco, Coffee, Green Notes


Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Stunning sex bomb!

Intoxicating, sexy, panty dropper! Just wear this before having sex or if you want to entice your partner. Ignore the dirty smell for those not exposed to cannabis etc. Your woman will be all over you asking for more!! Be warned: if you wear this without having a woman, you will get so much aroused that you will head for the bathroom to relieve yourself :) Considering the obscene price of the original NASAMOTTO, this is a steal!

Incredible.. Pls bring back the 30 mL

Anubis Kiss is just right. Super close to the original but I need more wearings. To me, this is a more wearable version without detracting much from the original. Need a bottle!

I have about 25 bottles & many more samples from Alexandria. Absolutely A1. Top notch. A steal. But Pleeease bring back the 30 mL's. I mostly own 30mL's, a few 60s, but I love the uniform design, especially the wooden cap. Have yet to own the newer style but they look nice. OG loyal customer here.

Juan Jimenez Paramo

Anubis Kiss Inspired By Black by Nasomatto

Sophisticated and Exotic

I was immediately taken with how this fragrance gave off an expensive and exotic vibe. I think this is partially due to the fact that it's blended really well and none of the individual notes overpower the others. It's truly an ensemble cast here.

There is a lovely richness to it, but even though oud and woodsy notes are predominantly listed, it's not a woody forward fragrance, more like the deep smoldering embers of the fire that's been extinguished, than notes of wood or smoke specifically. Also the Cannabis note is subtle and supporting so it just adds to the complexity and intrigue, and doesn't detract from the wearability as is the case with some cannabis-heavy fragrances out there.

This is absolutely one to try, but it may be a bit challenging for some with the dark exotic feel, so you may want to sample before buying.


This one is a stunner. So complex and mysterious. I love it.