Anubis Kiss

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Our best seller hands down. Longevity, Edgy yet Attractive, Mysterious yet "in your face" attitude. Anubis Kiss is made out of the highest quality Hashish plants and Oud resins, it is smokey, but sweet, manly and powerful, and a compliment magnet. We think you will love Anubis Kiss as a replacement for Black Afgano by Nasomatto!

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Cool weather

Notes: Oud, Incense, Cannabis, Woodsy Notes, Resins, Tobacco, Coffee, Green Notes

Customer Reviews

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Kris Merriman
Blown Away

Well, I have been eyeing Alexandria Fragrances for a while and have been delving into Fragrenza (a super impressive house in their own right) in the interim. I finally bought a travel kit of Anubis Kiss, Egyptian Seduction, Hafez 1984, and King Tut. Needless to say, I am blown away by all 4. I sprayed Anubis on one side and was impressed. I have never smelled Black Afgano before, and nor do i need to, because I can tell Alexandria screamed high quality from the get go. Smelling King Tut assured me Anubis would be practically identical to Black Afgano. As soon as i caught a whiff, I knew immediately the cannabis note because I detect the same thing in Mancera's Hindu Kush (another fantastic fragrance). Hany, please keep inspiring us fragrance enthusiasts. You now have an appreciator of your work for as long as you do this. If I may put in a request? Please try Parfums de Marly Carlisle, and / or Etat Libre d'Orange Remarkable People. Im sure you would knock it out of the park. Thanks!

Erwin Chiquete
Wonderful scent.

I liked this scent very much. Totally recommended.

50 shades of gray

All I got to say is she said I could still smell you on my bed sheets.
It's a masculine fragrance the kind she picture you wearing when hands are wrapped around her neck.....
The smell follow you around the room

Joe C

I've been associated with cannibis for most of my life and I'm not young. Don't get the resemblance but maybe that's Agoda thing when mixing with the general public. Anyway, this to me is a nice deep woodsy, slightly burnt and sweet intriguing scent. Got this one yesterday along with Apple Crumb. Looking forward to the cooler months. I'm from Australia, so with the dollar exchange rate and postage it works out at about $2 per ml, but that's still okay with me. 🤘

oscar jimenez
beast mode!!!!!!!

this fragrance is one of a kind!!beautiful scent...this fragrance is for gentlemen 28 yrs n up..younger i doubted unless they like masculine scent...its 90% exact like black afgano... i am speechless i love this scent