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Black Tie Affair Inspired By Tuxedo by Yves Saint Laurent

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Black Tie Affair is a spicy unisex scent that blends the matte texture of smoked patchouli with ambergris accord to express a magnetic and dark sex appeal. The sharp black pepper enhanced with the freshness of cardamom mirrors the satin feel; while gleaming effect of spices electrifies and highlights the sophistication of the composition. A bold masculine feel is softened yet remains strong and powerful, like an expression of impertinent seduction. Inspired by Tuxedo by Yves Saint Laurent! 

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Any 

Notes: Patchouli, Ambergris, Black Pepper, Violet leaf, Vanilla, Rose, Coriander, Bergamot 


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Angel Acevedo
Black Tie for all

Pretty darn close to YSL Tuxedo as you can get. Not 100% but a good 95% soooooo Wonderful!!!

Geoff Sergeant
Sublimely blended, luxurious delight!

First off, this is a dead ringer, maybe not 100% in the opening, the dry down is what I love the most and the performance is solid. Again for the price it can't be beat because the dry down on skin is really what you're paying for IMO. I honestly feel Tuxedo is a linear fragrance, in that the blend is so good on it that you get that unique scent the whole time you're wearing it. Violet, jammy sweet rose, spice and Amber blended succinctly and masterfully. Stunner, I love wearing it with a tuxedo or to a wedding, yes, I'm basic cliche obvious like that. But, I find its complimentary to that sort of occasion, and its warm and inviting and smooth.

Lee F.

Black Tie Affair, to my nose, smells exactly like Tuxedo. Such a wonderful scent. Classy bottle, great atomizer, and fast shipping i’m pleased with my purchase.

Keith Muramoto
Solid fragrance, niche quality

Purchased this back in 2018 and I still keep it in my fragrance rotation. Similarity to YSL Tuxedo is very close.

Beautiful fragrance that pulls you in from the opening and holds you through the dry down. Crisp in the opening and quickly dies down to floral notes. After about 2 hours it spicy, dry patchouli scent with slight florals and sweetness. I wouldn't say that this is a dark scent. Silllage is big and still prominent after 3 hours. Huge longevity lasting 8+ hours.

Definitely one of my favorites from the Alexandria collection.

Black Tie Affair

This fragrance is a beast, very alluring, sweet and sensual, prominent violet note in there that's smooth. At minimum an easy 8 hours or longevity and a good 3.5 hours of projection of about 2 arms length with a nice sillage, after that it pulls in about 2 to 3 feet from the wearer. good for any weather in my opinion but definitely for nighttime high end shenanigans. Despite its inspiration from YSL this also gives me a Bentley Infinite Intense vibe but much sweeter and seductive.