Hafez 1984 Intense

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Hafez 1984 Intense, an original creation from Alexandria, is a dark, sweet, and sultry masterpiece. Building on the core of the original best-selling Hafez 1984, the Intense version layers together a gorgeous dark blend of rich leather, oud, and roasted coffee, blended with sweeter elements of saffron, tonka bean, and vanilla, with just a hint of jasmine.

Wrap yourself in a bouquet of beauty with this spectacular fragrance! 

Weather: Cool

Time of day: Any time 

Notes: Oud, Coffee, Leather, Saffron, Jasmine, Tonka Bean, Vanille, Sandalwood

Customer Reviews

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William Hall

Im having a hard time processing this one. It smells evil, but in a good way. I'm getting an incense vibe.

Eli Chisley III

This has got to be the best tobacco scent on the market. Sweet pipe smoke tobacco. I’m a cigar smoker and I just love this scent.

Paul Coronel
Deliciosa !!

Mi segunda compra a Hafez, y agradezco a la vida por su existencia. Que decir de esta belleza, dura mucho, huele exquisito, dan ganas de comérsela, y no porque sea gourmand, es que no cansa olerla a cada momento. Cuando adquiero una fragancia tengo una costumbre, NUNCA la pruebo en mi piel, primero en la ropa, la rocié en un blazer hace 72 horas y ahí sigue el olor, a bajado algo pero obvio, debe ser así, pero se mantiene firme en su compasión. Gracias y sigue creando GENIO!!! Un abrazo desde Ecuador.

Astonishing Fragrance

Behind Christian Dior’s Ambre Nuit, This my favorite fragrance of all time. Love every single thing about this fragrance. 10/10 in every category on my skin

Blown away

the smell of this one right here is something special i kept smelling myself like wow this smells great