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Zion (Solid Fragrance) Inspired By Roja's Elysium

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Have you ever wondered what perfection smells like? Have you ever wanted a signature scent? Something for the club, office, dates, gym, something that follows you everywhere, has people remembering who you are, and attracts others around you like magnets? Well... perfection is here and its called Zion. Salty ambergris, juicy apple, bright lemon and lime, sparkling grapefruit, exotic herbs, sweet vanilla, kinky leather, explosive currants. All of those ingredients clashed into one bottle of sexy perfection. The scent of gods and kings right into your hands... don't think... get it now! More of our customers are choosing Zion instead of Roja's Elysium!

This is a solid perfume. The same ingredients used in the fragrance spray have been incorporated into a non-greasy, beeswax-centric substance that can be applied to the skin to create a scent bubble and sillage that is just as performative as the spray. Put a can in your pocket and take it on the go! Perfect for air travel!

Notes: Grapefruit, Vetiver, Black Currant, Ambergris, Lemon, Juniper Berries, Bergamot, Lime, Apple, Vanilla, Cedar, Pink Pepper, Benzoin, Jasmine, Thyme, Rose, Lily-of-the-Valley, Leather, Labdanum, Artemisia, Galbanum, Cypriol Oil

Customer Reviews

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Trevor Gabriel
Zion solid is solid

Bought it for a present. For my brother he will love it.