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Boardroom - Become the CEO of your life. Demand everything you want, take control of your peers by wearing this alluring, luxurious yet office safe scent. Sweet seductive ambroxan, salty ambergris, a touch of sweet warm amber, bright bergamot and masculine woody notes make up the perfect everyday scent. It may smell familiar but it is different than anything you have ever experienced. Enter any place feeling like the boss and own the situation...Mr CEO

Notes: Amber-Musky-Citrus-Floral-Woody


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Edwin Ford

Perfect representation of the OG!

Jake Stein

This is not on Fragrantica yet, which is the only reason I'm writing a review here. Normally I don't trust reviews on the seller's website and I don't think you should either.

I've never smelled Office for Men (I'm thinking about ordering a sample, I'll update the review if I do), and while I think it probably does smell quite a bit like this from what I've heard (half Dior Sauvage, half Creed Aventus indeed) I think Office for Men smells of much higher quality. The opening smells kind of like a more tame Club de Nuit Intense Man (which is to say not great), and the drydown is better, but not perfect. There's a note that seems kind of off the whole time, it smells kind of like of birch tar. Overall the scent is mediocre to me but maybe that's because I'm jaded to this scent profile (like others have said, this DNA is far from unique).

Regarding performance; I just got it and I think I'm going anosmic to it, because I can't smell it after about half an hour. When I put my nose to my arm though it's still there for a while. Normally I would wait for people's reactions to make further judgements, but I very rarely have people comment on my fragrance nowadays due to everyone always wearing a mask. Also, not sure if this matters, but my bottle says "extrait de parfum" rather than "parfum extract" like the bottle pictured above as of me writing this (it's the same thing in French).

Will this get you compliments? Probably. Is it better value than Office for Men? Yes, but the same could also be said of rat piss. Will I be ordering this again? Not unless I receive tons of compliments or I get a sample of Office and determine that this is indeed a good clone.

Todavia no llega el producto


Juan Guzman
It smells delicious (Boardroom)

Very good smell!!!

Kevin Martin
Boardroom and Counterattack

These fragrances are showstoppers. Everybody wants to know afar it is and where can the get some