5 Mistakes That People Make When Wearing Perfumes

spraying on perfume

Wearing perfumes are one of the fundamental aspects of proper grooming for both men and women. It’s crucial for any person because it’s essentially part of their image and how others perceive them.

Most people think that a spritz or two is all it takes, and you’re all set when in fact, there’s a lot more to it than that. There’s also where the perfume is sprayed and choosing the right outfit to match the fragrance. 

The bottom line is that most people often commit mistakes when wearing perfumes without knowing it. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the errors that are usually made whenever people wear fragrances. Read on below to learn more.

#1 - Rubbing Instead of Simply Spraying

Admit it: we have all gone through a phase where we apply perfume to our wrists and rub them together. For those who still practice this, you need to stop. 

The reason for this is because the friction created by rubbing heats up the skin. The heat produces natural enzymes that affect the course of the scent. To preserve the scent of your fragrance so that it stays longer on your skin, simply leave the liquid for it to sink in.

#2 - Storing Perfumes Inappropriately

Perfumes are often compared to living organisms simply because they respond to radical changes in the environment. A perfume going from a hot climate to cold and vice versa will set off unexpected chemical reactions in the natural ingredients, making it age faster.

An excellent example of this would be leaving a citrus scent near the perfume, which affects it by making it smell a little off. Aside from that, ultraviolet rays can alter a perfume’s appearance, turning them from one color to another.

To prevent this from happening, store your perfume in the box where it originally came in and place the box at room temperature.

#3 - Buying Too Much

It’s recommended to buy smaller perfume bottles so that they won’t go to waste. This is because the oxygen from more significant, half-full bottles will change the molecules, making them smell different.

On the other hand, smaller bottles tend to be fresh for up to three months. If you have nothing else but a considerable-sized bottle of perfume, you can decant the liquid or put the entire bottle in the fridge to retain its freshness.

#4 - Not Buying Synthetic Perfume

Many people hate the idea of synthetic fragrances and instead opt for natural scents. What’s wrong about this is that natural fragrances almost don’t exist, and if there are, they’re usually expensive.

The fact of the matter is that there’s nothing wrong with getting synthetic fragrances because of the safety hazards that come with chemical reactions.

#5 - Not Applying Perfume in the Right Places

If you have dry skin, chances are perfume won’t last on it. Instead, simply spray the perfume on body parts that are exposed to the air, such as the neck, arms (if you’re wearing short-sleeved attire), and the scalp. Applying perfume to these areas helps with scent diffusion, which gets the attention of people around you.


Wearing perfumes may seem like an easy thing to do, but some mistakes must be avoided. They’re all listed above, so be sure to avoid them by following the solutions provided. If you do, then you will make an excellent lasting impression on anyone.

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