6 Body Areas You Should Avoid Applying Perfume On

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When it comes to your favorite fragrance, less is more.

Applying perfume is the icing on the cake when it comes to getting dressed in the morning—who doesn't want to smell like a bed of roses or spicy seduction? However, as every perfume aficionado knows, it is possible to overdo it and spray, well, everywhere, but spritzing scent in these five locations is a no-no.


Since hair absorbs smells naturally, it may appear to be a smart idea to spritz the fragrance into your locks at first. However, alcohol-based fragrances may be quite drying, especially if sprayed straight into your hair. Instead, Cosmopolitan recommends pouring perfume into your brushes before brushing your hair to minimize damage or lightly spritzing the ends.

Most individuals do not consider spraying straight into their hair to be harmful. It is essential to understand that hair naturally absorbs fragrances, which is not good. Alcohol-based fragrances may be extremely drying, especially when sprayed straight into the hair.


Applying perfume to your hands may seem like a quick and logical way of enhancing a fragrance's scent. Still, perfume on your hands can lead to potential staining—especially if you have an unexpected run-in with hands-on activities, like eating or drinking. Also, you'll also be touching other people and objects, which is a major no-no when it comes to fragrances.


The skin in your underarms absorbs fragrances quickly and holds the scent for a long time (sometimes even the next day). This can potentially cause many health problems, especially if you're using a perfume with irritating chemicals.


The skin around the eye area is extremely sensitive, so it's no wonder that spraying perfume near or directly into your eyes can be a big no-no. Traces of the fragrance might remain in your eye area even after it dries, leading to irritation.

As for glitters, our advice is to apply it on your cheekbones only, and you'll still get a beautiful glow.


Applying fragrance to your lips can be a bit tricky, mainly because they are constantly moving. While the skin on your lips are fragile and absorbent, it's better to use lip balms and glosses with a hint of fragrance rather than spray perfume directly onto your lips. In fact, it's pretty much impossible to control how much fragrance you get on your lips, which makes it an even more significant risk.


If you're not dating anyone and are just looking for an excellent way to have some harmless fun, then we'll gladly let you in on a little secret: spraying perfume directly onto your genitals may feel pleasurable at first, but the scent usually fades within minutes, and it can lead to problems with your skin.

The Best Place to Spritz Your Perfume

The pulse spots on your body, such as your wrists, neck, and the back of your knees, are the most significant areas to spray perfume. Your favorite scent will not irritate your skin if you apply it to these heat-emitting places.


Spraying perfume on your hair, hands, armpits, and genitals may seem like a good idea, but in reality, it can lead to many problems. As for the best way to apply your fragrance, apply it on the pulse spots on your body.

Got any creative ideas when it comes to spraying perfume? Please share them with us below!

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