Chocolate: The Gourmand Scent for You


Who doesn't like chocolate with its sweet and slightly powdery scent? If chocolate tastes incredible, it must be pleasing to smell, too. Well, yes, it is. That's why chocolate perfumes have been one of the most popular gourmand perfumes since the '90s.

If you are thinking of getting chocolate-scented perfume or wondering if it could be your signature scent, read on as Alexandria Fragrances shares some of the things you should know about chocolate perfume:

The Discovery of Chocolate

Chocolate, like most perfumes on the market today, has been around since ancient times. The Mayans and the Aztecs discovered chocolate way back in the 14th century. They used it as a form of payment (like money). That is why the word 'chocolate' is derived from the Mayan language. Other tribes and civilizations were also found to have used chocolate for other purposes, including curing illnesses and its stimulant effects.

The popularization of chocolate traces back to the 15th century when the European traders brought the cacao beans from the New World to their homeland. The Europeans were amazed by the wonderful taste of the drink. Soon, the story of the 'delicious chocolate drink' spread like wildfire, and soon, everyone wanted to have a taste of this new drink.

Interest in chocolate became popular, and soon, chocolate became more than a drink. It was a gift to be given to loved ones on special occasions, a delicacy to be enjoyed, and a desire to be smelled.

The popularity of Chocolate Perfume in the '90s

Chocolate perfume, as we know it today, is a product of the mid-'90s. It was during this time that people began to create chocolate perfumes. These products have been a hit among the public, especially among women. Chocolate perfume became one of the hottest trends that were not just popular in the US but also in Europe and other parts of the world.

In the beginning, chocolate perfume was only available in France and had to be imported to other countries like the US. This eventually changed when big US cosmetic companies started making chocolate perfume themselves. Since then, it is one of the most desired perfume styles in the US.

Does Chocolate Perfume Smell Natural or Synthetic?

Chocolate perfume is a gourmand perfume, which means that it has a sweet and powdery scent. The scent is a mixture of natural and synthetic components. Some of the natural ingredients commonly found in chocolate perfume include amber, vanilla, coconut, and tonka beans. The artificial components of chocolate perfume include ethyl maltol, which can be found in many other gourmand perfumes (like caramel or vanilla).

The scent of chocolate perfume is commonly described as sweet, powdery, and sexy. While the scent is most commonly compared to that of chocolate, people's notion of the scent varies. People who are used to the natural scent of chocolate tend to think that the perfume smells more like chocolate than those who have only tasted store-bought chocolate products.

Can You Blend Chocolate with Other Scents?

Yes, you can! Actually, you can blend chocolate perfume with other scents in the gourmand and warm scent family umbrella. Some scents that you can combine with chocolate perfume include cinnamon, caramel, coffee, pralines, and vanilla.


Chocolate perfume is one of the most popular gourmand perfumes today. Its scent is loved by many people, especially those who love the smell of sweet and powdery scents. If you are one of them, we suggest that you give chocolate perfume a try. You might just find this to be your signature scent. Alexandria Fragrances’ chocolate-scented perfumes are an excellent choice for anyone seeking this scent.

Alexandria Fragrances has a selection of chocolate-scented perfumes inspired by beloved brands. But it’s the Alexandria perfume named Cacao Dreams Original Creation that you should certainly try. Every bottle captures the luxuriousness and sweetness of cacao that you and those around you will definitely love. Get a bottle today and smell it for yourself!

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