5 Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Perfume Samples

woman buying perfume

Shopping for perfumes is a challenging task as most people do not know precisely what scent they want. Therefore, perfume sample sets exist to help customers pick out their new favorite among several scents without paying the total price. They can try out the smell of each perfume they consider in various contexts to ensure that they'll love the fragrance. But how do you choose the best perfume sample sets? Here are some ideas.

1. Identify Preferred Scents

It's a good idea to write down a list of your favorite scents from the perfumes you have tried in the past. Therefore, if you're unsure about what to get, you'll have a list to consult for ideas. It's also good to include scents that you have already tried and disliked.

Before shopping for perfumes, you must identify the specific scent you want. Each fragrance has a different olfactory profile. Therefore, you should consider the particular type of scent you want based on its base, heart, and top notes.

2. Try Each Scent at a Time

Perfumers recommended that you try each scent of your favorite perfume sets. Wear the fragrance during the day, night, and on different occasions. Different scents smell different on each person. Therefore, the smell of a perfume that you love on one perfume set may not smell the same on you. However, never try all samples at once when trying out perfume sets. Avoid mixing various scents as they can result in a smell unpleasant to the nose.

3. Spray Perfumes in Pulse Points

Experts say it's a good idea to spray perfume on pulse points. Pulse points are areas of the body where the blood flow is the highest. Therefore, perfume sprayed on pulse points will have a long-lasting scent. Some of the best places to spray perfume include the wrist, behind the ears, and on the neck.

4. Never Choose Based on Packaging

While packaging might catch your attention, it's not a good idea to buy a perfume set based on its appearance. Most perfumes have a standard build in the bottle and packaging. It's best to look at the scent and try it out on your own body to see if it is something you like. High-end perfume shops offer many different perfumes, and you can choose to purchase only the samples you want. You can also buy a fragrance that the retailer will later apply to a card.

5. Don't Get Overwhelmed by Scent

In an experiment conducted by a group of researchers, 26 men were asked to smell the same perfume but with different scents. The researchers found that most participants have difficulty correctly identifying the smell of scents after smelling them as it is difficult to identify each scent. Some of the scents were so subtle that it was hard to smell them.

If you like perfume, don't be afraid to ask your friends, spouse, or a perfume expert for their opinion on it. It's essential to get the view of people close to you because they can tell you if they enjoy the scent or not, which will give you a better idea of whether it is a good fit for you.


Perfume sample sets are a great way to buy and try out different perfumes when you're unsure what to pick. They're also an excellent way to try out various scents in various contexts. However, you must know what you want, try out each scent thoroughly, and ask for other people's opinions before choosing a perfume.

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